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ALP-X 3.0 LADY Jersey



They Say – Functional all-round racing bike cotton jersey: sporty two-colour design. For the ambitious female racing cyclist. Classic three-pocket solution.

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adams peak nik 185

We Say – I have never worn biking clothes before and in fact, I’ve only learned to ride a bicycle a few months ago (September 2013) but when we were given the offer to cycle through the island of Sri Lanka, west coast to east, I had to learn as that kind of opportunity doesn’t come often! So I asked Dave’s help in packing for the trip, and in choosing a cycling outfit. We were told that we’d cycle through various landscapes with changing climates, like the monsoon west, mountainous and hilly centre, and the dry-zone east. Dave suggested I take a look at Gore Bikewear as he’s had a good experience with them in the past and a couple of weeks later, my clothes had arrived and I was trying them out.

They fit me well and felt comfortable and from that point on I felt prepared to take on my cycling adventures in Sri Lanka. The lady jersey is very good at wicking away sweat. I’m slightly lucky in that I don’t sweat very much so cycling through the humid country, the sweat that did run down was soaked up by the cycling top and I was pretty comfortable throughout the ride. They also kept me relatively cool in heat that rose to 41 degrees.

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I washed the shirt every few days so I wasn’t stinky and it washed out very well in the hotel sink and dried overnight, ready for me to wear in the morning. 

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I’m not used to wearing bike clothes so I wasn’t used to the pockets attached to the back of the jersey, but they did look very secure and I knew they were, as Dave and our guide LH kept their cameras in their own backpockets of their Gore shirts and their things were perfectly safe.  

I also wore this top trekking, on a 3 day climb up Adam’s Peak. It was over 2,200 metres high and over half of that was on rough ground, the other half being on steps that carried pilgrims to the summit of this holy mountain. It was a superb top to wear during this time; very comfy with moisture wicked away quickly and no restriction to my arm and shoulder movements.

adams peak nik main 235

adams peak nik main 272

I’m looking forward to wearing my Gore bike jersey when I’m back in my home city of Toronto as there’s a lot of initiatives for cyclists like dedicated bike lanes and lots of trails and paths to cycle through. I’ve always wanted to ride on those and now that I know how to ride a bike and have the proper attire, I can fulfill my little dream! I just have to find a bike now…



They Say – Performance on tour. Versatile women’s MTB shorts for touring enthusiasts. Perfectly balanced between sports ambition and comfort.

See these shorts online at http://www.goreapparel.com/COUNTDOWN-2.0-LADY-Shorts/TCOULC,default,pd.html

We Say – When I was learning to ride a bicycle in Toronto this last September I often had come home at the end of my practices with a very sore bum, and because I was new to the whole world of cycling, I wasn’t aware of shorts that had padding to help riders with the discomfort. So when my new Gore bikewear shorts came I was really quite excited to put them on and feel the difference. In Sri Lanka itself, because of my inexperience on the cycle, I only rode about half the distance that the others did (the rest of the time I was in the van) so in total I rode about 2 weeks out of the 4 and in that time I didn’t have a sore backside once. Success!

That was great as it left me with energy to explore places on foot after getting off the bike and not having to walk with a limp or some other problem like that. So after riding for around 2-3 hours a day, I was happy to be still feeling good and staying comfortable.

I also wore them whilst riding an elephant and they protected me from the rocking about, and the bristly skin, very well!

pinewala day nik 251

I liked the length of the shorts, and the fact that they’re loose-fitting. Sri Lanka is a very easy-going country but they’re still a bit conservative in their dressing and I was happy that I had longer shorts on, and not skin-tight short shorts as I’ve seen some cyclists wearing in my city of Toronto. Also, the material these shorts are made of is very good in that it’s not slippery, I stayed on my seat the whole time and didn’t feel like I was going to slide off even when we were on bumpy roads or going down fast downhills. It made me nervous when we were on roads like that as I’m new to cycling, but at least I could count on my shorts being there for me.

I also usually washed out the shorts inner padding once every couple of days in the hotel sink or in the showers and they’d be good to go in the morning, dry and smelling okay. 



They Say – Breathability activist. Small packable, waterproof and extremely breathable GORE-TEX® Active Shell road cycling jacket for every kind of bad weather.

See this jacket online at http://www.gore-tex.com/product/gore-bike-wear-oxygen-gt-as-lady-jacket/1317213358259/


We Say – I didn’t get to wear this jacket as much as I had hoped to or thought I would. We were riding through the monsoon for the first week or so and we were ready for an unpleasant and slippery couple of wet hours each day but in fact the monsoon rain was something I looked forward to as it was so refreshing and cooling after riding in the hot sun, so I was never in a hurry to shelter from it at all!

I did wear the jacket when the rain got really hard though and it was great for keeping me dry and allowing me to focus on my riding. The rain drops slid off the jacket and the moisture evaporated quick so when the monsoon rain stopped I could throw the jacket in the support van over a seat and it’d be dry and ready to be packed away into my rucksack by the end of our riding session (usually about 2 hours after the rain stopped).

from lamia halfway 028

I liked how lightweight and compact this jacket was. Even after stuffing it very unceremoniously into my rucksack it came out uncreased and ready to be worn. And because it packs down small I could take it trekking with me; it took up no space in my day pack and it was good to know I had a jacket that was 100% waterproof if the heavens opened.

I think this jacket would be more suitable whilst riding in England or Toronto, as I got a little too hot in the Sri Lankan humidity where temperatures were up to 41 degrees. I can imagine that for cooler temperatures, it’d be perfect.


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They Say – This shirt fits like a second skin. The polypropylene material ensures the wearer feels dry and comfortable. Moisture is instantly transported to the outside.

See this shirt online at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/gore-bike-wear-base-layer-lady-sh-lg/ULSLAD,default,pd.html?dwvar_ULSLAD_color=0100&start=6&cgid=gbw-women-geartype-jerseys

We Say – I wore this base layer whilst riding my cycle, whilst walking in temperatures of about 35 degrees and also as a baselayer when I was sleeping in pilgrims shelter 2,200metres in the sky (Adam’s Peak). The long sleeves suited me very well whilst cycling and prevented sunburn/a severe ‘farmer’s tan’. It felt like a second skin, allowing a breeze to circulate around me and in general just kept me very cool on the cycle.

I’d say this shirt isn’t appropriate for walking though (not that it’s made for that, I just wore it as such). It looks great…

day 3 to sadiel nik 177

…but the friction between parts of the shirt and other surfaces like my hiking day bag or camera made the top snag and go bobbly. And I think because I wore it walking and not cycling and I was travelling much slower it didn’t allow as much cool air to circulate so I ended up getting heat rash along my arms and hands. I have very sensitive skin though, so it might’ve happened if I was wearing any other long sleeved shirt. As a cycling shirt, it’s great.



They Say – Road cycling gloves for ambitious female cyclists. Perfect gel protection for inner hands. Mesh outside for ventilation and comfort.

See these gloves online at http://www.goreapparel.com/gore-bike-wear-power-lady-gloves/GPOWEA,default,pd.html

We Say – These are a great pair of cycling gloves and I’ve never worn cycling gloves before so I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to them through Gore, as they really seem to be the best in bike wear! I didn’t loose my grip at all, even when the monsoon rain was coming down hard. My hands didn’t get sweaty whilst wearing them and they retained moisture and kept dry throughout the day under the powerful tropical sun. They’re very hardwearing too; after two weeks of constant wear there wasn’t a single scratch and they were like new. Again, due to my sensitive skin issues, I had to stop wearing them near the end of the journey, as combined with the extremely dry heat of the East coast and the enclosed system of the gloves my hands were covered with an angry heat rash and I had to do what I could to allow them the air and moisture it needed to heal. Having said that, I really liked these gloves and can’t wait to try them out in Toronto where it won’t be anywhere near as hot so I can be comfortable in them!

Find out more at http://www.goreapparel.co.uk

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