BLOC Eyewear Boston Sunglasses


They Say - BOSTON F70 BLACK G15.

Our take on the classic Wayfarer lifestyle piece. Moulded ear supports for comfort and fit.

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We Say – These Bloc glasses feel solidly made and fit me very well; in the past 2 months I’ve worn them for all my non-sporty tourism adventures in Sri Lanka and Morocco (from general tourism to messing about in the pool) and they never felt like they’d fall off once.

They also offer good all round coverage – meaning the sunlight doesn’t infringe noticeably at the top or sides – and their classic look suits most occasions and clothes I find myself in.

My only slight criticism is that the bag they come in doesn’t always stay closed when they’re stored in my rucksack – the bag is sealed by a sliding hoop mechanism – so they’re prone to falling out and having their lens’ scratched by whatever else is in the rucksack. It doesn’t happen now as I’ve learnt to keep them in another case; something to watch out for though if you’re buying a pair and want to keep them in top shape.

As a pair of sunglasses though I can’t fault them. BLOC always make great eye protection for sports activities, in my opinion, and here they’ve done it again for leisure wear.

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