Columbia Women’s Insect Blocker II Pant


They Say – The Women’s Insect Blocker II Pant from Columbia is the perfect companion to the Bug Shield Long Sleeve Shirt, this pant delivers the same amazing protective package to block bugs, sun and unwanted moisture so you can enjoy a worry-free camping experience.


Insect Blocker

  • Omni-Shade UPF 30 sun protection
  • Omni-Wick Partial elastic at waist
  • Gusset detail Zip closed security pocket
  • Pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Mesh pocket bags Inseam: 32” 100% nylon
  • Insect Blocker min rip Leg hem cinches

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We Say – These Columbia pants have pretty much been my best-friend so far on my journey! I’ve literally worn them almost everyday here in Morocco (we’ve 2 weeks into a 2 month backpacking tour) and I also wore them extensively in Sri Lanka when I was there for a month during May.

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The insect-repelling quality really does work (combined with Lifesystems Insect Repellent and Nosilife insect-repelling socks), as I haven’t been bitten much in the humid jungles of Sri Lanka or here in the drier desert climate of Morocco.


I wore them on my climb up and down Adam’s Peak (the holiest Buddhist mountain in Sri Lanka and the fourth tallest mountain on the island) and they served me superbly.

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They didn’t smell much considering that we slept in pilgrim’s shelter and never washed, either ourselves or our clothes, for all three days that we were on our expedition…

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… and trekked through very humid jungle, where they got pretty wet. They dried quickly on me though and were comfortable enough to sleep and lounge in up at the peak and in the shelters. More importantly, they kept my legs safe from insects and it was a relief knowing that I’d spend the evenings and night in comfort after the hard days of climbing (this climb and descent from the peak was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done and also my first climb up a mountain.)

I also wore them on the Sri Lankan beaches at sunset, when the sand bugs and mossies tend to feast on you, and they kept me bite free then too.

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I’ve been wearing these pants everyday in Morocco and I’m happy at how well they’ve dealt with the dry and salty climate (apart from the salt caused by sweat there are salt mines in the mountains near where we hike so the river is full of it). We go hiking for 3 or 4 hours and when I get back to our room there’s usually some dust, sand and white-salt residue on them so I wash them about once every week because it doesn’t smell up or stain that badly, and what’s great is that when I do wash them, the dust and stains comes off easily and they dry quickly, ready for the next morning.


So really, these are my perfect hiking/walking/camping pants (I haven’t worn them camping yet but I’ll be sure to do so to protect my legs from midges and mosquitoes when we spend 3 weeks camping in the highlands of Scotland in August.)

I’m normally a UK size 8-10 and my Columbia pants are a size 8 and they’re a little big around my waist and a bit too long in the length. I could wear a belt to keep the pants at my waist but I don’t really mind that they come a little below my hips, and I do like a looser fit to my walking pants for comfort. And to deal with the long legs issue, I use the leg hem cinch and tighten the bottom around my ankles. The cinched hem also serve a double purpose and prevents the bottom from getting very dirty and prevents too much dust and sand from getting in my shoes.


They look great whilst out walking or going to restaurants when I don’t have the time to change. The pockets are great too, very spacious so I’m able to put my phone in one, my keys and sunglasses in the other, and in the secure pocket I’ll put my money or other important things like my business cards to hand out if I meet someone unexpectedly. They prevent me from getting too hot in the desert and keep me warm when climbing in early hours or cooler temperatures.

Overall, these are the perfect pants for when you’re out hiking or camping. They serve a multitude of purposes and you’ll be rest assured for having a good pair of pants to keep you safe from the environment, bugs and still look good and be in great comfort. They’re also very sturdy. After 6 weeks of hard travel they’re still in good shape. 

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