Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream

They Say – Our multi award-winning, intensively rich and nourishing Rescue Cream combines the highest quality botanical extracts, pure natural moisturisers and the finest essential oils to provide welcome relief for problem skin.

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We Say – A true RESCUE cream! I have super dry skin and when I travel my skin (especially my face) becomes even worse that when I’m at home and I have bad reactions that appear as as sort of mild eczema (sometimes the skin around my eyes gets really red, puffy and cracked). I’m really selective about what I use on my face and wanted to find a brand like Barefoot SOS, who market themselves as using pure ingredients and herbal remedies instead of chemicals.

I’m travelling in Morocco right now and a week ago I began suffering from the aforementioned problems on my face (triggered by who knows what, dust, heat, sweat, it could be a number of things). So I started using the rescue cream and after just a day I started noticing a difference. My skin felt less dry, the cracked skin around my eyes was gone and the other signs of eczema started healing.

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After a week I still get dry patches sometimes around my cheeks and chin but I now use the rescue cream twice a day, in the morning and before bed. It has a subtle floral scent that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and dries non-greasy on my face so it’s a great day cream. I will continue to use this cream until my face heals completely, which might be after I leave from the dry heat of Morocco and into the cooler climates of the UK, but knowing I have a trusty cream to fall back on is worth a lot for someone with sensitive skin as I do and can’t use most of the conventional beauty products that I can get from local shops.

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