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They Say – The T4MO Tilley Hat, designed with a broad brim, is made of a soft, sueded certified organic cotton with ¾” polyester mesh. The mesh helps to both ventilate warm air out and allow cooler air to flow in while the sturdy cotton fabric is rugged yet exceptionally lightweight.


  • Guaranteed for life not to wear out
  • Insured against loss for 2 years – all perils
  • Excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+ , the maximum rating
  • Repels rain, floats and ties on in the wind
  • 4-page Owner’s Manual
  • Made in Canada


  • Brim size: Front and Back 3 1/2”; Sides: 2 1/2”
  • Weighs 3.7 ounces / 105 grams


  • Made from 98% certified organic cotton; 2% Spandex
  • Fabrics of all Tilley Hats are certified to block 98% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and deliver an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating
  • Machine wash, delicate cycle or hand wash. Reshape. Air dry. Do not bleach

We Say – The first test that this Tilley T4MO hat got was on a 3 week hike through England during this last spring (April 2014). We had unseasonably hot weather and sun most days, so since I was out all the time (it was a wild camping expedition so if I wasn’t in the tent I was on the trail) I needed a hat that was offering good UV protection. It did a great job, only on a few occasions on the windiest stretches of the South Downs and Ridgeway did it blow off (even the chin and neck strap couldn’t keep it on in that extreme wind but at least they did ensure that it stayed around my neck and didn’t blow away) and because I used it in conjunction with a decent sunscreen I didn’t get any sunburn at all.

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The second heavy test the Tilley got was during my month long trip across Sri Lanka. Much of the 650km trip was done on a bike, so I didn’t wear this hat then, but about 30km was through very hot jungle and forest and at either end we had 6 days at the beach, where the temperature was often around the 35 degree mark. Here I really appreciated the hats ability to keep the sun off but also to keep me cooler than other hats would, thanks to the vents around the top that allow fresh air to get in and hot air out.

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I wore it in the sea lots, it doesn’t mind getting wet and as long as you rinse it under the tap in the evening the salt doesn’t seem to bother it (Lamia also has a Tilley Hemp hat, which you can see below. She has tested it in similar circumstances as me and has come to love and rely on it as much as I do mine).

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And now I’m in Morocco for 2 months. I’ve already had several shopkeepers in Marrakech try to barter the hat from me but they’ve no chance, there are deserts and mountains to cross and this hat is helping me stay safe whilst I do so.


It’s easy to take care of, just give it a wash every few weeks to get the sweat out and that’s about it. It’s sturdy too; whenever I sit down straight onto the ground I use it as a seat. After 2 months of this, it’s still in top shape.

There are cheaper hats, obviously, but none to my knowledge offer a 2 year guarantee against loss and are as sturdy as a Tilley (I’ve had another Tilley for 9 years and it’s still performing as good as when I first got it). When you consider that a Tilley will last you for life and give you the protection you need, they’re good value. They look good too, and the owners manual is useful and a lot of fun.

This is a brilliant hat and what’s more it’s made from eco friendly organic cotton too. Find out more about it at: http://www.tilley.com/canada_en/t4mo-organic-airflor.html


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