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They Say - SHADOW – W302 – WHITE MULTI LENS. The ultra modern and lightweight Shadow is a vital part of any kit bag providing demanding athletes the ultimate in performance and protection. Perfect for skiing, cycling and shooting with maximum peripheral vision. Conforms to EU Standard BS EN 1836 : 2005 + A1:2007

3 interchangeable lenses let you adapt to all sports and all weather conditions. The three lenses supplied are: Clear Cat.1, Citrus Cat.1 and VE5 Cat 3.

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We Say – I’ve used these Shadow sunglasses for 2 weeks in Sri Lanka during May and now I’m using them in Morocco, which I’m touring for 7 weeks. Here are a few images taken in May showing the type of conditions the glasses had to perform in over in Sri Lanka. Firstly, the glare and brightness of the coast experienced whilst running and messing about on the water.

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VIRB Picture

Second, whilst cycling among the vibrant colour of roads flanked by rice fields, 650kms in all from coast to coast. I was outside in very bright sun from about 9am until 3pm every day, so the glasses got a lot of use…

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I have another pair of glasses made by BLOC that have lasted me the past 2 years, similar to these Shadow glasses, that I have used for my marathon running and which are still performing as well as when I got them, and I’m pleased to say that these Shadow are just as good. Main points to mention are;

The coverage is excellent; when I wear them I can’t see any unfiltered daylight above or to the sides.

They fit snugly; there’s no moving around whilst I run or any feeling that they might not be secure even after I begin sweating a lot and the bridge of the nose gets slippery. This is important for me; when I run or cycle I don’t want to be pushing my glasses back up my nose all the time or adjusting head position just to make sure my glasses stay on.

They’re hard wearing. During the cycling I would take them off frequently, when using my camera, for instance, or when moving from the road to a shady stopping place such as a tree or cafe. I was often so tired that I wasn’t too careful with where I put them and inevitably they’d rub up against something, be it camera, sweet wrappers or the like. Sometimes I would take photos with them still on, so the camera was touching the lens when I looked through the eyepiece (I use an SLR rather than a digital with a screen) yet the lens didn’t end up scratched. Obviously if I kept on giving them that treatment all the time they’d suffer in the end, but the fact they’re still in great shape after 2 weeks of what amounts to abuse is testament to their hardiness and their ability to withstand the occasional accidental misuse, which is going to happen if you’re using them whilst frequently in a state of physical exhaustion.

The lens are easy to change, it takes a minute or so to get one set off and put the others on. The darkest lens is for sunny days, the yellow lens is for evening or lower light conditions (the yellow tint will boost the light in these circumstances) and the clear lens is for overcast days or when riding fast at night (they don’t interrupt vision but will keep the bugs out of your eyes).

You can obviously get cheaper glasses. I’ve had them myself in the distant past, bought for about £5 from Aldi’s or a similar shop. They last a few months and I’m unsure how much they protected my eyes (sometimes after having done a couple of hours running in the sun I’d have headaches which perhaps was down to a lack of eye protection). With these BLOC glasses though you pay a bit more but you get quality; they’re going to last you a long time, and they’re going to give your eyes the protection they need.

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I’m reviewing another pair of BLOC glasses as well at the moment, the Bladerunner, and whilst I’ve found them very good for cycling they moved around a little when I ran. Perhaps that’s down to the shape of my head, not sure, but I’ll say that for me these Shadow glasses are the best choice if you’re going to use them for running, and the best all round choice if you’re like me and switch between sports such as running, cycling and general activity.

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that can also double up as ‘about town’ glasses but don’t want the white frames, then these Shadow also come with a black frame. Check them out online to discover more -

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