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They Say -At ultrasun, we are passionate about sun care and protecting your skin from the harmful effects of over-exposure to the sun’s rays. We don’t do make-up, we don’t do cosmetics, we don’t do fragrance – just the most effective, the most efficient sun protection you can buy.

With ultrasun, just one application a day, delivers long lasting, high level protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Our products are free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making them especially suitable for children and sensitive skins. They are non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use. They are ideal for everyone in the family from sporty dads and lads to wriggly tots and tiresome teenagers … not to mention busy mums, high on good intentions but low on available time!!

ultrasun once-a-day products are suitable for the whole family and protect you while you tan. ultrasun products are not tested on animals.

To see this sunscreen online please visit http://www.ultrasun.co.uk/products

Clear Spray Sports Formula – all day protection

Ultrasun high 50SPF sports clear spray formula features a new generation texture and is specifically developed for sporty types and speedy protection. It is clear, non-sticky, non-greasy, waterproof and resistant to friction such as towel drying.

This new sunscreen contains no fat, emulsifiers, fragrances, colouring agents or preservatives. It only needs to be applied once and offers complete protection due to its broadband spectrum UVA and UVB filters. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin E.

This practical spray can be opened and used with one hand, even up-side-down.

We Say – Two of us have been using this cream recently. Lamia has very sensitive, dark skin and my skin isn’t sensitive but is very fair. We’re both interested in natural products and like to stay away from unhealthy or unethical products wherever possible, so ultrasun fitted our initial requirements on those counts.

I used it for 3 weeks whilst walking through England in April via the South Downs Way, Ridgeway and Thames Path. I had sunny weather for most of the walk, I used this spray every day and didn’t get burnt. Here’s a photo I took as I broke camp one day and one of me at camp surrounded my Llamas (it’s in England, honest! A wild camp spot in a field near Winchester!) showing my un-burnt face after 10 days of being outside in the sun all day (I also wore a wide brimmed hat when I could but strong winds sometimes meant I had to go hat-less).

walk photos 1405

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It’s a transparent spray and I found it best to spray it onto my hand first and then smear it onto my ears/nose etc. It rubbed in immediately and didn’t leave any trace, except for a little shine on my forehead.

Another important thing to mention is that I only had access to a shower once a week so it was vital that my sunscreen didn’t have a build up over the days and leave me feeling sticky or uncomfortable. Thankfully this ultrasun was fine in this respect.

At the end of the walk I did a running event so wore this screen. I had confidence, after wearing it for the previous 3 weeks, that it wasn’t going to run into my eyes after I began sweating and sting me.

It’s also good to be able to run in the sun without a cap, knowing that you won’t get sunburnt.

I used it again for the last two weeks of our Sri Lankan cycling trip. I often had my cap off there as I was wearing a head camera whilst cycling – we were usually out in the tropical sun for 5 or 6 hours a day - and once again it stopped me from getting burnt.

from lamia halfway 032


Lamia had issues with this spray due to her sensitive skin but it suited me fine and it’ll be my sunscreen of choice in future marathons and other sporting events.

Lamia says – ‘I have been using this sunscreen in Sri Lanka for the past month and I’m happy to say that my skin hasn’t been sunburnt once whilst using it. I usually applied it in the morning before we went out for the day. I have cycled, hiked, trekked and have been in the ocean and one application has been enough on each occasion.

When our team was in the East coast dry zone of the island temperatures went up to 43 degrees but I didn’t get sunburnt. I like that it’s not greasy but still gave me a nice sheen on my arms and legs.

from lamia halfway 105

I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, to the point where even an hour in this sort of heat combined with the application of regular sunscreen can give me a strong allergic reaction on my face and arms. Every other conventional sun protection brand I’ve tried doesn’t suit my skin and I get a really terrible rash around my eyes after using them. This was part of the reason I searched for a brand like Ultrasun as they market themselves as a natural and sensitive skin product. The first few times I used this product I did get a slight reaction around my eyes and that’s even with me taking allergy tablets every morning. After the first week my reactions lessened but I do still get a slight redness and itchiness around my eyes if I’m in the heat and or apply the sunscreen to my face without taking my allergy tablet. To be fair I’d say it’s the best sunscreen I’ve encountered and although it’s not great for my face it’s very good for everywhere else. If you suffer from eczema and have trouble finding a sunscreen that your skin can cope with then it’s worth a try.’

To see this sunscreen online please visit http://www.ultrasun.co.uk/products

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