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They Say - Lightweight, comfortable and technical, our permanently sun-protective and insect-repellent NosiLife Cargo-style travel trousers are just the thing for hot-climate travel. The 9-pocket construction of these cargo trousers incorporates 2 zipped pockets, Dry Bag and mobile phone holder, with part-elasticated waist, drying loops and heel tape at hem. Expect comfort and performance without compromise when you invest in a pair of NosiLife Cargo Trousers.

Our ground-breaking NosiLife adventure travel clothing collection includes lightweight, agile and packable shirts, trousers, tops and tees designed to protect and perform brilliantly in hot climates.

  • Drying loops
  • Pockets: 9; 2 zip-fastening
  • Heel tape
  • Elasticated waist at sides
  • Dry Bag & mobile phone holder in cargo pocket
  • NosiLife polyamide 332g
  • Main: 100% Polyamide, Trim: 100% Polyester

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We Say – These trousers have been tested out recently during our month in Sri Lanka. I was so impressed with them that I’ve now bought them to Morocco where I’m touring for 2 months. I’ve found them hard wearing, lightweight, easy to wash and quick to dry.

adams peak nik 300

The photo above was taken on the slopes of Adam’s Peak, at one of the only places we could stop on a 6 hour jungle climb of over 1000 metres. We couldn’t stop at most places as the second we did the leeches would jump on us; it was only in areas of large rocks, like this, that we could linger. I started the climb with the trouser legs rolled down, to see if the trousers’ insect repellent qualities would work on leeches. Sadly, they didn’t! But then they’re not sold as leech repellent, so I wasn’t too surprised about that. In my experience nothing repels leeches, not even the remedies offered to me by my guides (which included Tiger Balm, kerosine and soap rubbed on my clothes and shoes!). So after a half hour or so I rolled the legs up and accepted my fate with the leeches (they weren’t too bad as long as you flicked them off within a few seconds of them fixing onto you). The trousers were soaked through with sweat within no time, it was around 35 degrees in the jungle, but they were comfy enough even then. The other thing to note from this experience was the usefulness of the dry bag/pouch that’s provided in the side pocket; I hadn’t got one with me so this was invaluable for keeping my phone dry. As I said, the trousers were sopping wet before we had reached an hour into the hike as was everything I carried in my pockets. Obviously I could have moved everything to my pack to keep it all dry, but it was good to have the option of keeping the phone with me in my pocket, without it getting soaked.

I didn’t get a chance to wash the trousers after that hike as we slept in a basic pilgrims shelter that night (Adam’s Peak is a holy mountain) but they dried off quickly and didn’t smell so the next day as we summit-ed the peak I felt ok; presentable and comfy.

lamia rest of tour movies too 024

As for the remainder of the 30 day journey I found the trousers up to the task of hard backpacking and hiking but also good looking enough to wear into restaurants and around the hotel. They washed easily and when I hung them over a towel or curtain rail they dried without creases. The zipped pockets were also handy to keep money and room keys safe in.

As for the insect repellent quality, I wore the trousers alongside the Craghoppers Nosilife Avila Hoodie and the Craghoppers Nosilife socks and didn’t get any bites whilst on the beach at sunset, which is when I usually get bitten, or whilst at the dinner table when we ate outside.

So now the trousers are being of use here in Morocco, where I’m doing a lot of desert hiking.


marrkech to tamdagt 273

I generally have to wash them every couple of days as it’s a dusty, sandy, sweaty environment here so it’s handy that they dry out so quick; as they’re my only pair of hiking trousers I need them every day (they’re washed in the evening, ready by dawn). They’re also proving to be very hardwearing, despite being so lightweight. They didn’t tear or mark at all in Sri Lanka and so far in Morocco it’s the same. I sit on the ground frequently and also I’m on my knees a lot taking photos so they do get battered but it doesn’t show.

Here’s a shot of me wearing them when I visited the Helga Heinrich animal shelter near Marrakech. I’m with Ali Baba, a camel who was kept as a pet and then abandoned when he got too big. The shelter is in the desert and it was incredibly hot there but another good thing about the trousers is that because they weigh hardly anything they do tend to keep me cool. It wasn’t the case in the ultra humid rainforest of Sri Lanka but it is in the deserts of Morocco, as I’m sure it will be in the regular summer of the UK, where I’m going to spend August hiking.

lamia mmpv and aniamls 042

Overall I’m really happy with these Craghoppers Nosilife Cargo trousers. They’re hardwearing, lightweight, they look good, they seem to keep the mossies away and they’re great value too. To discover more online please visit

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