Ultimate Performance Dry Bag Stuff Sacks


They Say – These dry bag stuff sacks are designed to protect essential gear from the elements and are ideal for activities such as backpacking, water sports, adventure travel, camping and hiking.   Featuring a watertight, classic roll-top closure to keep water out and provide maximum compression, the bags are made from a soft flexible coated fabric with watertight double stitched tape-sealed seams.

Available in a pack of three: 8, 4 and 2 litre capacity, so you can pop them inside a rucksack, daypack or duffle.
£19.99  Find them at  www.ultimate-performance.co.uk

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We Say – I used these bags to keep my books, electrics and cameras dry during a 3 week backpacking trip recently. It rained a fair bit and the atmosphere in the tent was quite damp at times, so these bags helped a lot to keep the moisture out. The tops are easy to roll down and secure, they vary in size and can hold my SLR camera and the average A5 size book, and they keep things completely watertight.

I found the colour coding useful; it let me know exactly where things were (my books were in blue, electrics in red and cameras in yellow) when things got in a bit of a mess inside the tent (as they do, frequently, on backpacking tours).

v last walk photos 366

I’ll definately use them again on future backpacking tours, and also when I go out in my canoe, to keep my valuables safe, dry and easy to locate.

To see these stuff sacks online, please go to www.ultimate-performance.co.uk

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