Adidas Response 7 Inch Short


They Say - The Adidas Response 3-Stripe 7-Inch Shorts are the longest version of these airy, nonbinding shorts. The response range is designed to fit looser, for a more relaxed feel.

  • CLIMALITE®: Fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin.
  • Small zip pocket on back right hip.
  • Fastening: Drawcord on elastic waist.
  • Ventilation: Mesh ventilation insert on back yoke.

We Say – For gym work, these are good shorts. They’re probably allright for many different sports, in fact. But for me, as a long distance runner, there are 2 faults that I can’t overlook.

First, the back pocket is too small for almost everything I’d want to put in there. For instance, I wanted to put my bank card in there the other day so I could pick up some money halfway through my run. But it was a big struggle to get the card in, that’s how small the pocket is. I couldn’t even think about putting my car and house keys in there, unless I took the key fob off, which I’m not going to do every time I go running. So, all the pocket is good for us a gym locker key maybe, or something like that.

Secondly, and this is far more important, is that the inner pant doesn’t give me the support I need down below. It’s fine if I’m only doing 10km or so at a slow-ish pace, but anything more than that and I hurt afterwards. So this means I can wear them for messing about in but for serious distance races, no, I wouldn’t want to chance it. I’m surprised at this really, I’ve worn Adidas shorts like this before, a few years ago, and they gave me plenty of support then. So maybe I’ve got faster, or more fragile, or Adidas have changed their design, I’m not sure.

Apart from the support issue they’re a good pair of shorts. On those longer runs I spoke of I didn’t experience any chaffing so the moisture control is excellent. They take a few runs before they stink, too, as long as you rinse the gusset out under the tap after each run. That’s a bonus, anything that helps cut down on the washing is a big plus for me.

If you’re only doing shorter runs, or gym work, or any other sport that doesn’t involve an hour or 2 of prolonged running and jolting, and you don’t need a pocket, then I’d say these are a good bet.

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