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- Outer: 100% Soft Feel Poly-Acrylic
- Inner: 100% Polyester 180g/m2 Micro Fleece
· Super warm Micro fleece lining
· Comfort fit
· Ear protection
· Fully Micro Fleece Lined
· Unisex Styling
· Available in 3 sizes S, M, L

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We Say - Such a great winter hat! It kept me so warm through one of the coldest winters Toronto has seen in a couple of years. It wrapped right around my ears and kept them cozy warm, not letting any wind in. The Velcro straps secure it to my head and it’s also great for when I’m on a rush and I needed to be able to put my clothes on and off quickly. There’s no fiddly bits at all.

It’s a very soft hat; it almost feels like it’s made with love (if you know what I mean – like grandma knitted it for you). I wore it during the month long deep freeze Toronto had, where temperatures were regularly around the -25 degrees Celsius mark. It’s hard to imagine such coldness, but I paired this hat with the circle scarf, my jacket hoodie and a fleecy neck and face warmer that Result also make and it kept me warm enough to get around town. This hat dealt really well with snow and rain as it didn’t get very wet at all, didn’t smell damp and dried up excess moisture very quick. Wearing the hat by itself without coat hood or snood, it’s comfortable until about -15 I’d say. The visor part of the hat helped with visibility on sunny days in bright, glary conditions, and the fun colours really made it stand out against all the white snow! You could totally wear this hat out to town; Dave agreed, he snatched it a few times to keep his own ears warm!

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To sum up, it’s a great hat because it doesn’t let any cold or wind in and it’s incredibly soft to the touch, it just feels great to wear it on a cold, blustery day! It’s also very good value indeed.

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