They Say


  • - Outer: Luxury soft feel 100% Poly-Acrylic


  • · Hood/Neck Wrap
  • · Unisex style
  • · Super warm
  • · Lightweight
  • · Comfortable fit
  • · Fashion style
  • · Multi functional

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We Say - I really like this Result scarf – its soft and cozy material makes it a staple item for me in the cold, winter climate that I live in here in Toronto, Canada. It’s also a trendy, fashionable accessory; I was able to wear it out on the town as well as on on nature walks. I enjoyed being able to wear it in multiple ways, from wrapping it around my neck twice and wearing it with a jacket, or wearing it around my neck once with a sweater, or even wrapping one circle around my head to protect me from snow or rain, it’s versatility is a real plus.

This winter in Toronto has been dreadfully long and grey so it’s bright red colour really made a difference in my mood whenever I wore it out. It also kept me warm and protected my neck from the harsh winter wind. Although it retains heat well, I’d say it’s good for up to -10 degrees Celsius, so in Toronto it would be a perfect late winter, early spring accessory (temperatures between -10 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius) whilst in the warmer temperatures of the UK it might be good all through the winter.

Although this scarf isn’t waterproof it dealt very well with the moisture and didn’t feel damp after rain or exertion. It also doesn’t smell up too quickly and I’ve been wearing it for about two months now without needing to wash it, so it’s a great scarf to have whilst travelling.

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