COLUMBIA Women’s Aravis™ II Long Interchange Jacket

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They Say - The waterproof-breathable, fully seam sealed outer shell is cut longer for increased protection from the elements to keep you dry and protected in wet conditions; inside, the fleece liner jacket provides warmth and comfort and can be worn alone for everyday use or light activity in moderate weather conditions.


  • Omni-Tech waterproof/breathable fully seam sealed
  • Zip-in and 3 point Interchange System
  • Fleece liner
  • Removable hood
  • Drawcord adjustable hem
  • Interior security pocket
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Adjustable sleeve cuffs
  • Center back length: 30”
  • Imported

  • Omni-Tech Shell
    100% nylon Full Dull dobby
  • Lining
    57% recycled polyester/43% polyester mesh
  • Liner
    100% polyester 250g microfleece

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We Say - I like the shape of this jacket (I had a UK size 10-12, or Medium) as it retains a feminine silhouette while still being comfortable in it’s length and fit and long enough to keep my back warm when I’m scrambling about. The purple colour is not too bright but still lively enough to cheer me up in the Canadian spring, which this year is as cold as winter and has been rather depressing as it’s only just shown sign of breaking, and we’re almost into April (snow and minus 10 for winter is ok, but spring…).

One of the things I’ve appreciated about this jacket is how it wicks away moisture so well – not once have I felt sweaty or stuffy on any of my walks (they generally lasted about 3 hours over reasonably rough forest terrain) over the test period, which has been since the start of February, 2 months ago. I would also say that it’s very waterproof. I walked today in steady rain for around 4-6 hours without getting wet inside, so that’s definitely a great point.

The inner fleece layer feels extremely soft and gentle and it’s very helpful for wiping away water from my face on a rainy walk or even to wipe my nose if I haven’t got anything else to wipe with. Having said that, it’s a relatively difficult jacket to put on, especially if you’re in a rush, as the inner fleece is not firmly attached to the outer layer so makes for a fussy couple of minutes as you try to get the fleece sleeves to stay in place.

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Once I’ve got those long inner sleeves in place though I find that they’re lengthy enough tuck my fingers away in when I don’t want to wear gloves, such as when I’m constantly handling my camera.

The zipper closure goes all the way up to my neck and the neck enclosure is a very good substitute for a scarf on warmer days; the soft inner fleece prevents discomfort on my chin when I do wear it like this.

The deep pockets have allowed me to keep all my belongings safely tucked away from rain and the elements and the zipper closure allows peace of mind. I can comfortably pack away my phone, keys, bus pass and a couple of other bits and scraps and know that they’re safe.

The inner fleece layer helps to keep me warm together with the waterproof outer shell. Just wearing the outer shell alone the jacket is unsuitable for around -10 degrees Celsius (typical later Canadian winter into spring temperature), but ok for 4 to 8 degrees Celsius without feeling cold. I would say this jacket (outer and inner layer combined) is good for down to -6 when worn over an additional inner thermal base layer.

It’s not good for any temperatures beyond that though; I’ve also tried it in the depth of a normal Canadian winter where temperatures got down to -30 and it definitely wasn’t warm enough for that). The hood is waterproof but to keep my head warm I have to layer the hood with a fleece hat or tuque, which isn’t a bad thing as it ensures that the wind doesn’t get in through that opening.

In short, this Colombia 3 in 1 jacket is perfect as for wearing in a Canadian spring, or perhaps a European winter.

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