Hi Tec Bamboo Hiking Socks


They Say - These high quality seamless socks offer wearers high quality and comfort.

The Wool Merino and Bamboo fabric is a naturally antibacterial property with a soft feel, excellent permeability and durable effect after multiple washes. In addition, the Coolmax technology wicks sweat away from your feet and keeps them cool and dry. The socks also boast Health Guard Treatment and toe and heel protection.

An excellent choice to keep you comfortable on long walks and hikes, whatever the terrain.

  • 40% Coolmax® / 30% Bamboo / 10% Wool / 18% Polyamide / 2% Elastane
  • Wool Merino
  • Coolmax®
  • Bamboo
  • Seamless
  • Comfort Zone
  • Left/Right Indication
  • Health Guard Treatment
  • Unisex

We Say – I’ve been wearing these for the past 2 months, mostly for running, sometimes for hiking and general sightseeing. The temperature has been between zero and minus 20 so they’ve had to cope with extremes. When I’m running I have a pair of Hi Tec training shoes on (which are good but thin) so there’s not an awful lot of protection against the cold. I’m training for a marathon so generally I’m out for about an hour or 90 minutes, 4 times a week, and I’d say that during the runs the average temperature has been minus 5.

What I’ve found is that the cold hasn’t effected me, I don’t get blisters and as long as I rinse the socks out under the tap when I come back I can get away with only washing them every 4 or 5 runs. These findings point to the fact that;

a/ the socks offer a high degree of warmth, even though they feel more like a medium thickness sock rather than a heavy duty winter one.

b/ the bamboo does indeed have strong antibacterial properties (admittedly my ‘use and rinse’, then repeat’ testing procedure is probably far less scientific than that of Colorado State University chemists Subhash Appidi and Ajoy Sarkar, Ph.D., who recently repudiated claims that bamboo had anti-bacterial properties and said, at the 235th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, that “bamboo fabric did not live up to antimicrobial expectations.” In my opinion, for the average user, this isn’t going to be the case.)

and c/ they wick away moisture well, so as not to cause blisters.

Needless to say when I’m in my hiking boots, which have insulated insoles, my feet are kept even more warm, and it takes about 3 hours of walking through snow to get my feet to the point where they start to say to me, hey, we’re cold, we need to be heading back now.

Over the 2 months of use I’ve rinsed and wrung them out about 30 times and put them through the washing machine 6 or 7 times, and they still seem in good shape, with no holes or obvious sign of wear.

I’m not sure how eco friendly bamboo is. Many would like to say it is but as Michael Lackman of Lotus Organics point out, “The growing of bamboo is environmentally friendly but the manufacturing of bamboo into fabric raises environmental and health concerns because of the strong chemical solvents used to cook the bamboo plant into a viscose solution that is then reconstructed into cellulose fiber for weaving into yarn for fabric.” Read all that he had to say about it here 

In saying that, who knows, perhaps it isn’t so great but from what I’m reading, cotton isn’t any better and for want of any recent reports into man made materials, I’m prepared to accept at the moment that Bamboo isn’t a bad choice if you want to help the planet as you buy.

So overall, from a performance point of view, I like these Hi Tec Bamboo Hiking Socks a lot, they’re very comfy and allow me to do whatever I want within reason, and I’ll be continuing to use them through the summer when I’ve long hiking trips coming up in Scotland and Sri Lanka. You can discover more about them here http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/hiking-bamboo-socks.html

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