They Say - Fabric: - Outer: 100% Polyacrylic - Features: - · Windproof · 6 Guage Jacquard knit · Cold weather protection · Beautiful quality classic styling · Extremely warm · Generous length · Traditional design · Length: 180 x 23 cm


We Say – As a tester and trier of many scarves living in hard-winter Canada I’ve developed a particular fondness for them, and this one is a cracker. For starters, I like the colours. Not the usual basic black but also not the horrifically bright or neon colour that you sometimes get. It’s blue and white are perfect shades of winter and they camouflage nicely when out on a walk.

The extra long length is really interesting too because with winter scarves, the longer the better! This scarf went around my neck three times without feeling tight or stuffy. I like the feeling of being well wrapped up in a scarf whenever there’s an icy wind coming off Lake Ontario that’s threatening to freeze me right to the bone! This scarf is incredibly warm and has kept me totally toasty on the occasions I’ve tried it, usually at temperatures of -20 to -5 (degrees Celsius). As well as keeping the wind out, it also prevents any moisture build up that might occur from steam or sweat in the body, so I am kept dry as well as warm.

Another major plus for this scarf is that when I wear it close to my nose, covering my mouth, it didn’t hold onto any moisture from my mouth as that happens too much with my other normal scarves. I would wear this scarf just for that small benefit!

It feels very soft and plush. I could notice all the different layers working together to keep me warm and it’s super cozy and comfortable. It doesn’t itch my skin at all, as can happen with new scarves or those made from bad wool. This feels and looked like something grandma would make out of love and it’s such a delight to wear.

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