They Say - Fabric:
- 85% polyester, 15% Nylon outer
- Faux fur trim: 80% Acrylic/20% Polyester
· Soft peach finish
· Waterproof
· Quick drying
· Snap close fastening
· Mesh eyelets for sound allowance
· Available in 3 sizes S, M, L


We Say – I’m using this hat in Canada right now. I wore it the first week here on it’s own (with no other hat under it) when the temperature was around minus 10 and it kept me warm enough. The only negative point is that the sizes are on the large side, so I ordered a large but really could do with a medium as the hat moves around a bit over time (falls forward a few mm over my eyes mainly, nothing serious, just annoying).

To stop it moving about I have started wearing it with a small running beanie hat underneath it. This added layer keeps it in place, and also increases it’s warmth value. It was minus 20 today and I went for a 3 hour hike and didn’t get cold once. I think that means it’s a success!

It feels very soft and the mesh eyelets near the ears are great, they allow me to hear cars coming behind which is useful as the pavements here at the moment are so snowed under that the road is the only space free to walk when we’re getting from the house to the parks. This feature will also be useful when I’m canoeing – I like to hear the waves behind me as I’m paddling so as to time my strokes better. With a conventional hat that covers the ears this is difficult; the mesh eyelets will make it easier.

The final thing to mention is the chin strap, it’s comfy and keeps the ear flaps down even in the sharp winds we’re getting here (about 20mph).

It’s great value at just over £15. See it online here

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