VO Moderniste MK2 Stainless Steel Bottle Cage


They Say – This is an elegant and slightly modern tubular stainless steel water bottle cage. The minimalist design looks just right on both retro and contemporary bikes. They work well and look nice with our stainless steel water bottles. Moderniste cages have a beautiful polished finish and weigh only 34g.I’ve been using these on my own bikes for years: they are still among my favourite designs. This newer, stronger version cannot be used with bottle cage clamps.
The new MK2 version is made from stronger tubing. The welds are also improved for better durability.  But we’ve kept the same lovely shape.
SKU BT-0001
UPC 815667010312
Weight 34 g
Manufacturer Velo Orange
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Polished Stainless Steel


We Say – This Velo Orange Moderniste bottle cage arrived at just the right time as the welds on my other cage had broken. It consists of a single beautifully shaped length of polished stainless steel tubing. To check out what it looked like atheistically, I screwed it on my modern looking carbon racer, then my retro looking steel tourer and then my vintage BSA to see what it would look like. It looked great on all three, which is amazing as although it is retro in the modernist sense it still looks contemporary.

Next thing was to see how well it worked and I have been testing this cage for about nine months now. It works perfectly, bottles slides in and out with ease, no rattling. I do have the VO Retro cage as well but it is a bit more difficult taking the bottle out, so if you need a firmer gripping cage then go for the retro one.

Its great when you find something that you feel can’t be improved on, in other words, perfect. That is how I would describe this bottle cage. It is a light, simple design and its beauty really is in its simplicity.


Summary – A really beautiful bottle cage that works as good as it looks.

More info the Velo Orange page here

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