They Say

  • Lightweight Athletic Sport Pants with Z-TECH® Stretch
  • Soft athletic 4 way stretch fabric
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Elasticated waist with soft internal drawcord for comfort fit
  • Zip opening to lower legs with grip strip
  • Z-TECH® stretch logo on left thigh in reflective material
  • Spiro logo in the middle of back section in reflective material
  • Keeps the skin cool and comfortable super fit
  • Ideal layer garment, good warmth factor when worn as a layer
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof 5,000mm

We Say – I got these pants in the large size and was a bit surprised at first at how short they seemed compared to my other running pants/tights. The photo above is an accurate portrayal, as you can see there’s a fair bit of ankle showing there, and it’s just not something I am used to. However, having set off running, I began to see this as a positive. Firstly, because my TEKO running socks are bright, luminous green and are meant to reflect headlights and make me visible at night, but they can’t do that if they’re covered up. So, the shortness of these pants shows the socks off well. And secondly, I like multi purpose clothing and I can see these pants being useful in the spring and autumn – when the weather is warmer and a little breeze around the ankles will be welcome – as well as now, in the depths of winter.

I didn’t wear them as a base layer on this first run, just on their own. The weather was around 5 degrees and very windy, and my route was along the seashore and pretty exposed, but I didn’t feel cold at all. I did about 7km that time, and once returned home my top was wet with sweat but the pants were dry, so they clearly wicked away the moisture well.

They’re waterproof to 5,000mm, so they should be able to cope with just about any rainstorm. I wore them out for a walk in a heavy storm – I was out for an hour, long enough for my windproof gloves to get soaked through, and my socks to get wet through my supposedly waterproof boots – but once I returned home I found my legs were dry. I was a little cold, I must say, during the walk, but that made me think that next time I should wear my thermals underneath.

So that’s what I did on my next run. I wore them over my Odlo Thermals (see here for the review of the Odlo kit) on a 2 hour run, when it was raining hard, constantly and very windy. I didn’t get cold once and although my thermals were wet when I got home, it wasn’t from the rain, but from sweat.

I’m wearing them now whilst in Canada in minus 20 weather, together with the Odlo thermals, and managing to train as normal. These Spiro pants seem to be excellent running kit, and great value too, retailing at around £25.

If you’d like to see the pants online, go to http://www.spiroactivewear.com/product.php?prod=S171M

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