Craghoppers Pro Stretch Winter-Lined Trousers

They Say - Active stretch performance meets fleecy comfort in our winter-lined walking trousers. Kiwi Pro Winter-Lined Trousers provide insulated unrestricted freedom of movement in cold-weather conditions. The trousers incorporate sun-protective and water-repellent properties plus 3 secure zip-fastening pockets and durable heel tape.  Craghoppers leads the field in outdoor wear. Technical trousers, shirts, tops, softshell and waterproofs offer outstanding performance, comfort and practicality for the everyday outdoors, all year round.

  • Pockets: 3 zip-fastening
  • Heel tape
  • Removable sunglasses wipe in side pocket
  • Stain-resistant finish
  • Polyamide elastane 454g
  • 96% Polyamide, 4% Elastane, trim 100% polyester

We Say - These are the kind of winter pants I’ve been seeking for years, ever since I got too old to wear kiddy-style winter pants with fun floral patterns! I’m slightly joking, but yes, I am very glad to have found such amazing snow pants.

They’re very warm, I wore them out in -20 degrees Celsius temperatures with thigh-length thermal socks underneath and I hardly felt the cold on a three-hour hike in the woods. Sounds hard to believe, but totally true. They’re very, very waterproof. I have this thing where whenever I see fresh snow, I feel the need to jump in and play in it like a child, but I used to stop myself in the past as I didn’t have the proper attire. But this winter I wore these pants with thermal socks, and then tucked them into Keen boots and then proceeded to jump right into the snow and play in it for about an hour. I also rolled around in it and the moisture did not affect the pants at all. Yes, I did get a little cold around my thighs, but I was completely dry.

They’re very comfortable to sit and walk in, as they’re a stretchy material. I could easily walk uphill or sit cross-legged and not feel any strain anywhere. I got a UK size 10 (US size 6) as that’s my usual size, and they’re just slightly loose on me, nothing a belt can’t fix.

I like that the pants are black, as it means I can wear them with almost anything, at nearly any occasion, whether it’s a city-walk or a nature hike. The inner-material is very soft and non-itchy which is important as I have sensitive skin and am affected by harsh fabric on my skin.

I’ve worn these pants 2 or 3 times a week for the last three months and haven’t had to wash them once. They don’t smell bad at all, and they don’t even have any visible stains on them. The ice-melting salt that can be found in Toronto didn’t affect these pants either and now that it’s spring, the outside mud (from sitting on grass) doesn’t affect it either. All debris comes off very easily naturally.

To sum up, I’ll say it again, these are the snow trousers I’ve dreamed of and will make sure I wear them every winter season!

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