Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Winter Lined Trousers

They Say – Gear up for winter with our cold-weather active stretch trousers. With a streamlined profile for greater agility, these full-stretch trousers with snug brushed lining offer effective insulation for icy conditions. Incorporating UV40+ sun protection and a water-repellent finish, our winter-lined trousers also feature 4 zip pockets, contrast heel tape, part-elasticated waist and removable sunglasses wipe.  Craghoppers leads the field in outdoor wear. Technical trousers, shirts, tops, softshell and waterproofs offer outstanding performance, comfort and practicality for the everyday outdoors, all year round.

  • Pockets: 4 zip-fastening
  • Heel tape
  • Elasticated waist at sides
  • Removable sunglasses wipe in side pocket
  • Stain-resistant finish
  • Polyamide elastane with brushed polyester lining 545g
  • Outer: 96%Polyamide/ 4% Elastane, Lining: 100% Polyester

We Say – Usually I wear regular hiking trousers with a thermal base layer underneath when I go out in the winter. This fits with the old fashioned method of layering your clothes to increase the warmth that I’ve always adheared to, which was how the likes of Mallory and Irvine were able to contemplate climbing Mt Everest whilst wearing relatively low-tech kit (they wore 7 layers of thin silk and wool, each layer trapped warm air and provided excellent insulation). So to wear just one pair of trousers, like these Craghoppers Lined Trousers, was a significant change for me.

My first concern would be, without the ability to trap the warm air created by my body between layers such as base layer and outer trouser, how well would they actually keep me warm?

The answer to that is, they work very well indeed. I’ve been wearing them for a week now, the temperature has been around the 6 degree mark and my walks have always involved seascapes, so there’s been a near constant brisk wind blowing. I can’t say I’ve once felt cold, or even chilly, and I’ve generally been out for between 3 and 6 hours. One time I walked at around midnight for 90 minutes when the temperature had dropped to around 3 degrees and I still never noticed the cold. So full marks for keeping the cold out.

An unexpected bonus of these trousers is that when I’m out and want to go to toilet, it’s easier. Men will know the issues with having a quick pee if you’re wearing thermals under your trousers. You undo your fly then have to fiddle around trying to find the top of the thermals before pulling them down and then trying to go whilst holding them down. Well, with these trousers, there’s none of that. They’re exactly the same as regular trousers, except padded, so  you just undo the fly and you’re away.

During the course of my walks I’ve sat on frosty/wet benches and walls and not felt the moisture, and spilt a fair amount of lunch and dinner down them. They brush up well – a damp cloth is all that’s needed to remove food stains. Another feature is the stretchiness, I’ve been doing a lot of photography, bending down, squatting, etc and I’ve not felt restricted at all in either the knees or the crotch.

They wash up fine – the label says 30C but my landlady did them at 40C and they didn’t shrink – and took half a day to dry over the clothes hanger in front of the radiator. They didn’t need ironing after that to make them look presentable either.

Another feature I really like is that they look decent enough for any occasion. I’ve worn these hiking or into town, and they don’t look out of place anywhere. I’m off to Canada in Janaury and flying Air Transat – a cheap airline that give you a skimpy luggage allowance –  which means that if I can have clothing that’s multi purpose then great, it allows me to fit in other stuff instead of extra trousers. So these Craghoppers trousers will be making the trip with me.

They have got a little split in them, around the back, just below the waistband. I heard it tear when I bent down. It’s only about 2 inches in length, and it’s along the seam so it can be sewn back up easily enough but still, for a brand new pair of trousers, that shouldn’t happen.

Apart from that split though I’ve not found anything negative with them at all, so overall I’m very impressed. I’ve been wearing them every day this winter and know that if I’m off out on a long walk, these will keep me warm and dry, whatever the weather.

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