Silva Ninox II Headtorch

They Say - The Silva Ninox II™ is an updated version of the popular headlamp Ninox™. As its successor it is made to withstand the toughest of conditions. It is fully waterproof to IPX7 and the perfect light companion for any outdoor activities.

Despite its small size, the light output is uncompromised. Ninox II is equipped with one high power LED and one semi high power LED that gives a light output of 140 Lumen and a bright, night vision preserving, red LED. The light distribution technology Silva Intelligent Light® provides you with a unique combination of long distance spot light and close range flood light at the same time.

It combines a wide angle flood light with a long reach spot light. The unique light image gives the user peripheral and long distance vision at the same time. For a runner, cross country skier or mountain biker this translates into less head movement, increased control, better balance and more speed.

We Say – I like the ease of use with Silva headtorches. The unit is easy to use with gloves on, the on/off button is large and really simple to operate. You press it for half a second to get the red light up, or if you want to go straight to full beam you press is quickly. If you choose the red beam, you can then get it to full beam by pressing the button again, then one more press gets you half beam, whilst another press gets you an emergency flashing strobe. After this you hold the button in for half a second to turn it off, or press it quickly again to get the main beam back.

The main beam doesn’t throw out a searchlight style light, it’s more like a complete covering of the space from your left through to your right, all at once. It’s very powerful and easily fully illuminates undergrowth 20 metres away.

The red light is good for rumaging around in your tent although you couldn’t navigate by it though I’d say. I couldn’t, anyway.

When you do turn it off a battery level indicator comes on for a few seconds – green for full battery, orange for mid battery, red for low.

The headband is wide and comfy, and easily adjustable. Even when it’s very slack the band holds the torch on firmly. So that there’s no need to have a deep red line left round your forehead showing where the headtorch was.

It is waterproof? Only time will tell in the long run, but for now, I did this test.

001 003

I put the headtorch on a container of water, so that the unit was fully submerged, with the light on, and left it there for 10 minutes. During this time I operated the button, switching between main beam, mid beam and emergency strobe, to try to make sure than if there were any leaks in the unit, I would find them. After this time the unit worked as usual, and has continued to do so since.

I’ll continue using it for the next month, and if there are any negatives I’ll report back. In the meantime though I can say that this Silva Ninox II Headtorch is lightweight, comfy, powerful and waterproof.

Check it out for yourself here –

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