Result R353X Bandit Face/Neck/Chest Warmer

They Say - Features:

  • Unique not-over-the-head style
  • Tear-release closing, making it quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy fabric for versatility
  • Can be worn in various ways 

Retailing at £4, the R353X Bandit Face/Neck/Chest Warmer is available sizes S/M and L/XL in Black, Olive, Navy and Red.

We Say – I’d never heard of ‘Result’ before this product arrived on my desk. Along with it came a brochure that profiled a pretty extensive range of headgear – Fully Lined Hats, Sherpa Hats, Reversable Beanies, Scarfs in a multitude of colours, gloves, Kintted Hats, Pom Pom Hats, Headbands and much more. Seems to me that their website is worth a look, their range of product is impressive.

This Bandit Warmer is handy. Basically it’s a short, scarf like piece of fleece that fastens easily using velcro. You can wear it so it covers your nose, or under your nose (so you can breathe more easily) or as a scarf. It performs as a scarf should do, except it won’t require a big knot to keep it in place (so you can wear it without living in fear that you look like you’ve come straight from Paris, or Sloane Square).

On first wear I have found it very comfy. The material didn’t irritate my skin at all and kept the cold, and swirling winds, of winter out very well. The velcro is also easy to pull apart and re-fasten whilst wearing gloves, helpful for when you want to change it from a neck warmer to a face warmer whilst on the trail.

I’m now wearing it every day here in Canada. It’s minus 20 and a scarf is essential so to have one that I can secure well, so that it’ll stay on whilst running and hiking, it a bonus.


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