Hummingbird Swim Pouch

They Say - DISCREET, SUBMERSIBLE PROTECTION FOR PASSPORTS, CASH AND SMALL VALUABLES. This case provides our most discreet, submersible protection for passports, cash and small valuables — both from prying eyes and the elements.

We Say – I had thought that this pouch might be more of an everyday backpacking pouch that I could also use in the water, rather than just a swim pouch. It would have to be for me to use it, as I’m not likely to take away 2 travel wallets. After using it for the last few days I’d say that it could indeed be used for all purposes, as long as you bear in mind that this is not a pouch that is going to be handy to dip into and out of during the course of a regular day if you’re wearing it under your clothes.

There are 2 pockets; 1 is a mesh pocket nearest your skin, the other is the main waterproof pocket. Both are sealed with a sturdy bit of plastic that’s fastened by velcro. It’s very waterproof, but it’s not easy access.

In saying that, I have never really needed my travel wallet to be easy to get into during the day time (apart from whilst in the bank). Everything that’s in there is just there to stay safe. The money I need for the day’s activities is always seperated in the morning and put in my trousers pocket. I prefer it this way. The last thing I want if I’m trying to keep the location of my travel documents a secret is to announce where the wallet is by dipping into it whilst in public…

There are 2 ways to fasten the pouch to you. The first is by putting the strap over the same shoulder as the pouch sits below. It’s held in place by another strap which is much more stretchy. Fastened this way the pouch can’t be seen at all under your clothes. However, it’s not the best position if you’re being quite active as it moves around a bit more than the second way to fasten, which is to have the main strap cross over the body, and then fasten the smaller strap around your midrift.


This felt much more secure. If that all sounds a bit complicated, worry not, a small leaflet comes with the pouch explaining things with the help of diagrams.

A friend borrowed this pouch recently, they were off on a beach holiday. They said it was a great help, they could take out some money for the day and put that in it, along with their keys and a compact camera, and then join the kids in the sea without worrying about leaving anything of value on the beach towel.

The final thing to note is that it’s quite comfy. When I’m walking it’s fine, but when I’m sat still I know it’s there. But that’s a small price to pay for keeping your travel documents safe. I’d say that if you were going on an active trip, perhaps either by the water or into the tropics, where it’s likely that you’ll sweat and get wet often, or even just on a beach holiday, then this a good choice for you.

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2 Responses to "Hummingbird Swim Pouch"

  1. ben

    hey dave,

    my wife and i are getting close to leaving on a year long round the world trip and i’m trying to decide between the hummingbird swim pouch and the round the world pouch. do you have a recommendation for which one you would take? i’ve never even used a travel wallet/money belt of any kind in my international travels but i feel like i should at least take one for such a long trip…not to mention we’ll mostly be in places we haven’t visited.

    • Hello Ben, I think the round the world travel pouch is the most comfy, personally, plus it’s a little more discreet. Both are good, but that’s my preference. Happy Travels! Sounds like a great trip, lucky to have a year to spare, enjoy yourselves!