Hummingbird Round the World Document Pouch

They Say - Built with a submersible main pocket, the ‘Round the World document pouch follows you over land and sea, offering external pockets for quick access, and a straightforward shoulder strap for everyday ease-of-use.

  • Reliable SealLockâ„¢ closure on main compartment tested waterproof at one meter for 30 minutes.
  • Multiple external pockets add organization and convenience on land.
  • Soft trim and supple materials can be worn comfortably under or over clothing


We Say – What a great idea; an everyday travel wallet that won’t let your documents get wet. In my early days of travel I’d always have soggy money or papers thanks to sweat and recently I’ve taken to wrapping everything in food bags to keep it dry, which is not a bad solution but not perfect. With this wallet though, none of that is going to happen.

The main pocket is large enough for passport, cards, a little cash and the usual insurance and travel documents. It’s also completely waterproof and closed with a waterproof seal. All you have to do is ensure than there’s no bit of paper laying across the seal when you close it. If there is, it won’t keep the water out and there’s a chance it won’t keep your money in as the opening is vertical, not horizontal.

There’s also 3 other pockets, 1 made of see-through mesh closed with a zip, the other 2 are solid and deep but not sealable. I’m not sure what these 2 might be good for as anything that has to go into my money wallet is important and needs to be kept safe. I guess some cash that I want to seperate from my main stash, but that would probably be in my trouser pocket rather than inside my shirt. Still, better to have the option of these pockets if you’re not one to wear trousers with decent pockets.

Security-wise, it lays flat to your body and isn’t visible under clothes. If you’re wearing a shirt or a regular V neck t-shirt then the shoulder strap probably won’t show; it didn’t on me. With a lower cut top it will, although the strap is plain black and would pass for an underwear strap on women.

Comfort; I’ve worn this for 3 days straight now, out and about, and it hasn’t rubbed at all, or created any discomfort.

So, this Hummingbird Round The World Document Pouch is waterproof, roomy enough for my travel documents and it’s comfy enough. All in all, this is what a travel wallet should be like.

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