Teko Evapor8 ultralight Firefly Reflex socks


They Say - Best socks ON the planet, Best socks FOR the planet.

Brand new for AW13 and perfect for evening runs, bike rides or the late commute home, TEKO’s Firefly Reflex sock incorporates the latest in high visibility reflective yarns to provide extra visibility and safety for darker winter evenings. Part of TEKO‘s EVAPOR8 Firefly range, the Firefly Reflex Light ¾ Crew (SRP £13) not only helps with safety in the dark, but, being made from regenerated industrial fishing nets, is also eco-friendly.

At Teko we are not only commited to making the best socks ON the planet – we strive to make the best socks FOR the planet too! We approach sustainability as a balancing act. It’s not possible to produce a product without using energy and natural resources, so it’s our job to minimize our footprint at every stage. A major element of our commitment is constant research of new materials and production techniques to make that footprint smaller.

Energy: Teko is 100% wind-powered at the office and the factory. Carbon offsets are purchased for staff travel.

Materials: Our organic merino wool comes from Argentina from a group of farms that have been raising sheep organically for decades. Only non-motorized methods are used to herd the sheep. They are fed only organically-grown food and are not subjected to hormones, vaccinations, mulesing, or chemical drenches. Their grazing area is never sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Strict water conservation methods are employed, as are protections against overgrazing. Organic merino wool is substantially more expensive than the non-organic alternative, but Teko believes the investment is worth it, both for consumers and the planet.

Our recycled EVAPOR8 polyester fiber is made from 100% post-consumer waste, like plastic bottles.

More here - http://www.tekosocks.com/best-socks


We Say – First up, I was very happy to hear just how eco friendly these socks are. Made from regenerated industrial fishing nets! This is good; so much of the stuff that the commerical fishing industry produces goes to pollute our environment and kill our sea-life and birds when they’re done with it. If they can earn out of it though I would imagine they’ll be less likely to dump it overboard. So top marks for Teko for finding a use for that stuff.

I found the socks comfy. I wore them first of all for a 10km run at night. I like the fact that they are so bright, and that they have reflective patches on the back of them. Every little thing helps when you’re trying to be seen at night by car drivers/bikers.

As for performance, what I’m looking for from my socks is having no blisters at the end of my runs, and the socks not fraying or getting holes in them after a little bit of use. They certainly were comfy to run in, and I got no blisters at the end of this first 10km jog.

The second point I’ll have to update you on at the end of the month. So far so good though on that, but I’ll wait until they’ve been through the wash a few cycles and worn 3 or 4 times a week before I make a judgement. Although judging by the fact that TEKO provides a lifetime guarantee for its full range to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, I can’t imagine I’m going to have anything negative to report.

So, first impressions are that these are a decent pair of running socks. Full marks from me for Teko as a company too, for taking such a sound eco-friendly stance.

To see the Teko Range - www.tekosocks.co.uk

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