Pure Lime Supreme Capri

They Say - The PureLime Supreme Capri is a smart and sporty capri which has a very nice tight fit. The capri has a small key pocket at waist and cool max gusset. It is in a breathable fabric which gives good support and a perfect fit.

GBP £36.00

We Say - These capri’s hug me very nicely. The pocket is fitted into the waist band and is large enough for a locker key. There’s no zipper closure to it though so you rely on the snugness of the fit to keep everything tight, not rubbing and in place (so if the capri’s are loose, the pocket won’t be much use to you) – mine fitted perfectly though so i didn’t have this issue. There’s a big design flaw though I think – the seam running down the front of the capri’s isn’t nice at all, it makes it look like I haven’t got any pants on (or something like that). But other than that, the length is perfect, I feel comfy in them, they give me a decent amount of support, they wick sweat away nicely as I work out and the cut is flattering.  8/10

See the capri online at http://www.purelimeshop.com/799,835/products_by_category/pants/supreme_capri

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