SILVA CARRY DRY Case 12litre, orange

They Say - Don’t let water, snow, sand or dust stop you from bringing your belongings on your outdoors activities. Silva carry dry bags come in four different sizes; 6, 12, 24 and 36 litres. Choose the size that fits your needs the best. Prominent colours on the bags make it easy to find in your backpack.

The Silva Carry Dry bags are easy to stuff and close – roll the top edges at least three times, and close the buckle and  your belongings are kept dry. The bags are made of 30 denier Cordura fabric, a well proven and durable material, suitable for any outdoor activity.

Waterporoof and flexible in temperatures down to -20c

We Say – We’ve not got any camping trips planned until new Year’s Eve, so for stage one of this review I thought it best to check out the waterproof-ness of the bag by putting materials in it that easily show water damage, in this case paper, and leaving it outside in the rain. 

So I did that for 3 or 4 hours and the paper stayed dry. But it was only light rain, so next I pressed the bag down into a sink full of water. The mouth of the bag wasn’t immersed, but the rest of it was. I have had dry bags in the past that had been sat in a cm of water in the bottom of the canoe and as a result of this they’d let the papers inside get damp. They were splashproof you see, not waterproof. But this Silva bag isn’t like that, it seems, as after this 5 minute test the paper inside was still totally dry.

Another first impression is that the material is very flexible – it’s not difficult to roll down the top for closure, no resistance at all, which isn’t the case on many dry bags – and it can scrunch up very small indeed.

It’s bright, so it’s going to be easy to find it if you’ve stuffed it away somewhere, also if it’s lining your daysack the bright, translucent material is going to illuminate whatever’s inside slightly and make it easier to find stuff. On top of this, it’s good value at just under £15.

We’ll update this review in January, after we’ve done our winter camping/canoeing trip, but I can’t see any surprises in the pipeline here. This Silva dry bag looks like a good addition to any hikers or canoeists kit.

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