Sealskinz Thin Ankle Length Sock

They Say – Thin, lightweight, totally waterproof socks offering protection up to the ankle. Ideal for use with lightweight boots in spring and autumn conditions.

• Anatomically designed ankle length fit

• Close fitting knitted construction

• Fine Merino wool lining for warmth and moisture control

• Elasticated instep and Achilles ankle panel provide support and a comfortable fit

We Say – These have been my mainstay socks this summer and autumn, which has seen me doing lots of hiking and running. They’re well known for their qualities on the hillside – completely waterproof, no rubbing so no blisters – but I thought I’d try them out in adventure races too. It was more out of nessecity actually than choice, my regular running socks were all in the wash when the first adventure race came up. They coped well with that race, which was a 20km trail run with obstacles and loads of knee high muddy swamps included. What I mean by coped well is that even though my trainers got sucked off twice by the deep mud and my feet were soaked thanks to the water getting in from above, in the gap between socks and legs, I still didn’t get blisters. I guess this is a result of the layered construction of the sock which allows for movement better than the average single layer sock does.

Constrast this experience with an obstacle race last year when I wore normal sports socks that had me hobbling after a few kms thanks to them bunching up underneath – clearly the Sealskinz sock made a positive difference.

I wore them on 2 adventure races after that, most recently the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest in London, and whilst they once again let in water – how could they not, I was wading and crawling through loads of it – I stayed blister free.

For hardcore trail runs – over 30km – I opt for a sock that can wick away moisture more. On less extreme trail runs, such as your average forest or mountain jog, they’re great. Comfy, warm and durable (after 6 months of constant wear they’re still just as good as they ever were); there nothing more I want. Well recommended.

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