Sealskinz Country Socks

They Say – A SealSkinz® traditional shooting ‘stocking’, these classic knee length socks have a ribbed woollen turnover top. Designed to work with breeks providing extra protection against cold, wet weather.

• Anatomically designed knee length fit

• Ribbed turnover top

• Close fitting knitted construction

• Merino wool pile lining for warmth and moisture control

• Poodle padding on toe, sole and Achilles panel for extra comfort

• Heather green works well with most tweeds

Thermal Rating 4 -

We Say – Having used these most of the summer and autumn on hiking tours in the English Lake District and Canada, I’m happy that they haven’t deteriorated or gotten holes in yet, which is no small thing, since they’ve been used 2 or 3 times a week during that 6 month period.

During the summer Lamia confiscated them most days for lounging around wear. She likes to have warm feet and I didn’t really need them much of the time, except when we were hiking high on cold Cumbrian days.

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Like all Sealskinz socks I’ve tried out they are completely waterproof, you can stand in a puddle for half hour and your feet still won’t get wet. The flip side of this is that if water gets inside the socks through the top, for some reason (I wore a smaller pair in an obstacle race once that involved wading through swamps and water inevitably got in through the gap betweeen sock and leg), the water isn’t going to evaporate or wick away at all.

We’ve just started getting some cold weather now and I really appreciate the fact that I can walk for the day and not come back with freezing toes, or blisters (as sometimes happens with woollen winter socks). They don’t keep me totally warm when I’m stationary – for instance, if I’m sat on the beach fishing I need these and a pair of undersocks on – but if I’m moving then there’re a good bet. A mate of mine wears them under his waders when he’s out wildfowling and he reckons they’re great too.

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