Sealskinz All Weather Cycle Gloves

They Say – Lightweight, totally waterproof, breathable and windproof. These gloves set the standard for all-round, all season technical

cycling gloves.

• Anatomic design

• Pre-curved box finger construction for warmth and dexterity

• 3D ‘natural feel’ providing flexibility

• Pressure point padding provides comfort

• Silicone contact point mapping increases grip

• Extended stretch cuffs with 3D rear closures for a more efficient fit

We Say – I used these at times on a London to Edinburgh, 4 day, 445 mile cycle ride. I’m not an experienced cyclist so my hands are rather soft I guess, in the areas that a cyclists hands might toughen up (grip, base of fingers). Regardless of this I coped with the ride well, and of course part of the reason for this must be down to my kit. I did find that since the ride was in May and the weather was unseasonally fine, I didn’t want to wear them all the time during the middle of the day as my hands got too hot. This indicates that they’re great for most of the year, just not the heat of summer.

I passed them on to the brother in law after that ride and he’s been wearing them every day this summer and autumn cycling the 15 mile round trip to work. He gives them the thumbs up, says there’re brilliant. As with all Sealskinz product you can trust that they’re waterproof, and that they’re going to be comfy.

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