Canterbury Mercury TCR Tech Jacket Black


They Say – Mercury Training Wear Made by Canterbury of New Zealand. 100% polyester showerproof jacket. This Tech jacket has a two way zip and an adjustable bungee cord.

We Say – I’ve worn this all summer. It’s plain enough to wear anywhere, it feels good, it keeps me warm and it’s also really effective as a running jacket. I can wear it on top of a tshirt and under a windprood jacket 3 or 4 times on my regular 20km run before it starts to smell, and it doesn’t rub or hold the moisture either.

After a good 6 months of use and frequent washing it’s kept it’s shape and colour. It’s another bit of running kit, along with a Helly Hansen Speed Running Jacket and the Canterbury Compression Top, that is on my list of things I wear all the time because it’s so effective and it looks good too. By looks good I mean the fit is slim and black goes with anything, anywhere.

I’ve tested out a fair bit of Canterbury kit these past 3 years and I can say that all the stuff, even the older kit that’s been used and used and used again, is still performing well, so I can say for sure that the brand is durable and well worth the money.

I notice that this jacket isn’t on the Canterbury website anymore so they must have updated it. I think this is similar to mine though -

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