E-Case iPod® / iPhone® Case

They Say - iPod®/iPhone® iSeries™ Cases are the perfect solution to staying plugged-in no matter the weather. They add external headphone jacks to the iSeries™ standard of touchscreen and voice-compatible windows and submersible protection, individually tested for your piece of mind.

  • Headphone-Compatible: External, four-pole headphone jacks are water-tight and maintain full function of in-line remotes for full device function.
  • Reliable Protection: Meets IPX-7 standard of submersion at 1 meter for 30 minutes, ensuring total protection from the elements.
  • Full Function: Ultra-clear and supple urethane windows are model-specific, allowing use of all touchscreen, camera and voice functions.
  • Individually tested: Unquestionable reliability ensures peace of mind.
  • Low-Profile: Proprietary, easy-to-use SealLock closure saves space for easy transport anywhere.
  • Secure: Die-cut lash points at corners provide tethering options for high adventure or total convenience.

We Say – These case look good, and there’s a jack at the top so you can listen to music whilst the phone is inside the case, but the main things I was interested in was…can you operate your phone whilst it is inside, and is the case really waterproof?

The first query was easy to answer. Put the phone inside, seal the case, and there, the answer is yes, you can operate the phone whilst it is inside.

The second query took a leap of faith to test out. I-Phones are pricey, what if I put mine in the case and the case let water in? I couldn’t afford a replacement…But then I thought about it, about how SealLine are well known for producing good waterproof canoeing bags, and I thought I’d have faith.

Well, Ok, I am a careful person, so, not that much faith, first off…I tried it with paper inside first. Put the paper in, sealed the case, poured a cup of water over it. I shook the case free of the drops and opened, to find the paper dry. Nice.

With the phone then in the case I poured a glass of water over it. Then another. No water got in. To test it further, I took the phone out and put the paper back inside, then sealed the case and placed it in a bucket of water. After 15 minutes I took it out and found that the tissue paper was still dry.

So, great stuff. The case works, it doesn’t add much bulk to the size of the phone either. Perfect if you want to take your phone into the great wet outdoors, or just want to keep it safe whilst walking about town in the rain.

If you want to see the case online, please check out http://cascadedesigns.com/en/sealline/e-cases/iseries/ipod-iphone-with-jack/product

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