MSR® UL-3 Trekking Pole

They Say - Defining simplicity, efficiency and compactness in a trekking pole, the UL-3 is designed for the ultralight backcountry pragmatist. A mere 14.4 oz., it combines manual operation of the SureLock™ push-button adjustment with the versatility of three-section compactness, shedding weight but preserving strength. Ergonomic foam grips deliver added comfort, making the UL-3 perfect for multi-day treks or swift, single-day ascents.

  • SureLockâ„¢ Adjustment System: Positive-locking push-button mechanism offers the confidence of absolute, no-slip performance in the field.
  • Streamlined Construction: Manual operation of SureLock system for those seeking simplicity in design and the lightest weight possible.
  • Ultralight Strength: 7000-series aluminum delivers exceptional, ultralight strength.
  • Superior Swing Weight: Adjustment technology is housed in the upper shaft, creating a high center of gravity for an efficient, effortless swing.
  • Foam Comfort Grip: Ultralight, ergonomic design works with a broad range of hand sizes and delivers exceptional comfort on long treks.

We Say – We had one of these each when Lamia and I trekked the Lake District for 3 weeks, and we did find they were of great benefit.

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Lamia hadn’t done a lot of upper slopes trekking before and her pole helped her keep her footing whilst on rocky, unstable ground. I’ve used trekking poles a lot before, and I found a few aspects of these poles very pleasing.

Firstly, the push button extension mechanism is very easy to use. The pole’s extend in 3 pieces, and each piece is kept in place by a metal button. To extend you just press it in, which is easily done even whilst wearing thick gloves. To push it back in place you press the respective buttons in and push the end of the pole onto the floor, or a rock, or some such hard place. Of course, you can use your hands if you want. The process is really quick, smooth and easy and the poles are small enough when packed to be able to fit inside a 70 litre rucksack easily, or to strap to the outside of a regular 30 litre day pack.

The handle is very comfy to grip for prolonged periods of time (8 hour hiking days), and the strap is made of soft material and fastened by velcro, handy for securing it whatever your wrist size. 

And the poles are very light indeed!

So after 3 weeks of steady use the poles were still working well; the extension mechanism was operating smoothly, the velco wriststrap had remained in shape (not withered or hardened by sweat at all) and the soft grip wasn’t cracked or otherwise showing sign of deterioration.

In summary, these are excellent trekking poles. Strong and resilient, just what you’d expect from a trustworthy brand like MSR.

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