Sealskinz Windproof Gloves

They Say - £22.50 - Using the latest windproof fabric technology, the Windproof Glove offers superb fit, dexterity and padding.

  • Windproof
  • Highly breathable
  • Pressure point padding
  • Stretch outer fabric

We Say – These are very comfortable gloves that allowed me to work with them on as if I had no gloves on at all. I could grip and feel the tools I was using very well, and they were also warm and comfy in autumn weather (around 9 degrees). Apart from when I forgot they weren’t waterproof, which is an easy mistake to make as most of Sealskinz kit is very waterproof indeed. But I used them whilst washing windows and they got soaked through pretty quickly inside and out and weren’t nice to wear after that for the rest of the day. To be fair though, Sealskinz don’t claim that these are waterproof, so that’s not a fault with the gloves.

I have mostly used them whilst walking. I needed them to be warm, to be able to grip the trekking pole and my camera well and for them to be comfy over long periods of time. They did all that well enough and apart from the fact that they have no nose wiping bit of felt on the back of the thumbs, which is a shame, I’ve no complaints. I’ve washed them several times this past month and they’ve kept their shape well. So, I think they’re a very good pair of gloves for hiking or work as long as it’s dry-ish work, and as long as the weather isn’t seriously cold.

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