Canterbury Mercury 1/4 Zip First Layer Top Blue

This is a 2 stage review; stage 1 is conducted when the product is first worn, stage 2 is a summary after 3 weeks of steady use.

They Say - This 1/4 zip first layer training top in methyl blue is made from a quick dry, Polyester / Spandex material and features raglan sleeves and heat applied CCC logos and Mercury TCR graphics in silver. Contrasting Orange highlights complete the garment with a heat sealed watch cover disk.

89% Polyester / 11% Spandex

Side pocket with suede lining for sunglasses cleaning

Curved shaped cuff for improved performance fit

CCC Printed logo

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We Say – Stage 1; The watch hole detail caught my eye first of all, smart idea, a little see through circle on the lower arm that lines up with your wristwatch, so you can see it without pulling up your sleeve.


Then I put the top on and went out for a quick 10km run along the seafront and to be honest the watch circle idea felt a bit gimicky after a very little while. My watch never stays in place as I run really, so this is a fun and well meaning idea but of very little use for me in reality.

But, that’s the only negative. The top looked and felt good, moved with me well and wicked away moisture. The little pocket is down by the waist and large enough to hold keys or Nokia-style phone – not the average smart phone though. The interior is soft, as they state, and so its good for storing as well as cleaning sunglasses.

Warmth wise, no complaints, the day of that first run was windy but I didn’t feel it. So all in all, a good first outing. I threw the top in the wash as soon as I got back and it scrubbed up nice, so nice in fact that Lamia claimed it as hers when she hung it out to dry. If I can get it back off her, I’ll let you know how it performed in subsequent tests in 3 weeks time.

endure kodak 048

Stage2; Success, I managed to whisk the top away from Lamia after her wearing it whilst we were on a camping trip. She loved it, and lived in it, saying it was the comfiest thing she’s worn for a long time. But because she had it for so long, this is more of a 3 month review rather than a 3 week review. Still, it means the kit got a good work out.

I find the top a great asset for colder days when I’m running or hiking. I’m not going to make unbelievable claims about it’s wicking ability. When I wear it over a tshirt and that’s all, it’s wicks well. If I wear a jacket on top of it, it does end up pretty wet on my back. But that’s on fast paced runs – between 10 and 20 kms. If I’m only longer runs, say, 30km at night when it’s a bit cold, this is great. It’s easy to regulate thanks to the deep zip and it fights off the wind excellently.

After these 3 months of use and washing the top is in good shape. Not faded, and the logo, which is silver and printed on the sleeve, is still intact, not peeling at the edges at all.

So I can say, this is a sound training top. Canterbury are one of those top brands that haven’t let me down yet.


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