K-Swiss California Women’s Running Shoes

They Say –  A remarkably comfortable and light STABILITY running shoe. MIDSOLE/OUTSOLE: GUIDEGLIDE dual-density construction midsole with a SUPERFOAM crash pad creates a smooth, maximum cushioned ride.

Aosta II rubber outsole provides durability. SUPERFOAM footbed for long lasting comfort. UPPER: SEAMFREE technology heat welded seamless upper for total comfort with an external heel counter for stability.

We Say - I was a bit skeptical about these shoes, just because I didn’t know that K Swiss made good running shoes. How wrong I was. I think the brand are bigger in America, I am not sure why, but what a great discovery for me!

This particular pair that I had did look Californian, as their name describes. Lovely turquoise and silver that somehow conjure up the sunshine and glamour of California. They are very light, roomy at the front (useful for hot days so that your feet can expand) and the concentration on the cushioning feature makes them perfect for road running.

‘I have been using these shoes for about 6 months now and as I mentioned earlier, they have exceeded my expectations. The ‘Superfoam crash pad’ seems to do exactly what it says. I don’t run long distances, somewhere between 5k and 10k 3 times a week usually, and the shoes have maintained their form without the need for much wearing-in. Even after all this time they are still very comfortable. Despite the fact that I tend to pronate when I run, these shoes do provide great overall stability for my running style. However, just occasionally I did feel a little pressure on the inside of my right foot as it tried to roll in. In fairness though on the occasions when this occurred, I was tired and had probably overdone the running!

Speaking of which, to ring in the changes lately, I have been mixing up my road-running with some trail and other off-road activity and what I have noticed is that it is always really nice to come back to the road running because of the K Swiss shoes. They are so comfy, it feels like I am putting slippers on not trainers. I am sure there are those who think that I run like I am wearing slippers but that’s just because they are unkind…

In Summary - These are technically good running shoes that really deliver on comfort and stability, which are essential ingredients for safe road running. I haven’t tested them under wet or muddy conditions yet, the weather has been pretty dry this spring and summer in the UK, so thankfully they still look as attractive as when I first got them. What’s more, they still provide the cushioning that they did when I got them, 6 months ago.

To find out more about K-Swiss Sportwear and to see their full range of shoes and clothing please check their website out - www.kswiss.com

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