K-Swiss Blade Max Stable Running Shoes

They Say - High mileage running shoe for the mild to moderate overpronator with a perfect blend of stability and cushioning.
  • Profile: A state-of-the-art stability running shoe with maximum cushioning. 10.5oz, 297.65g
  • Midsole/Outsole: Blade-Max athlete engineered SuperFoam ® maximum cushioning technology, GuideGlide â„¢ construction, and a dynamic medial post create a “footgasmic” ride.
  • Upper: A very supportive upper featuring SeamFree â„¢ technology and an external heel counter for unparalleled comfort and fit.

We Say - The blue and white Blade-Max Stable running shoes don’t look like running shoes. They could quite easily pass as general day to day trainers, which is no bad point! Out of the box, the blade design on the sole looks like a simple fashion feature to make them stand out. To runners, though, this is a part of the innovative design that provides comfort and cushioning, whilst maintaining a very lightweight feel.

As you’d expect from a brand which has a very good presence in the triathlon market, they are designed with a seamless upper for comfort and to minimise the chance of rubbing (especially in bare feet). I usually run with socks, but have tested them with no socks, and confirm the structure is comfortable and causes no rubbing. Despite appearing to be high off the ground due to the large side cushioning at the back of the shoe, they feel very close to the ground and ‘natural’ to run it. They certainly don’t feel over-engineered and allow for very good control throughout the run; a great mix between support and allowing an instinctive approach to the run. There is no need to adapt your running style to effectively use the benefits they provide.

Whilst there is no rubbing, they are wider than shoes I am used to running in, and on longer runs (over six miles) feet tend to bounce around inside them quite noticeably. At the time of testing I was training for a marathon and couldn’t risk longer runs causing issues with my feet. I therefore used these as my specialist speed and interval trainers. This may well be a preference thing, however. I know we have previously reviewed the K-Swiss Blade-Max Trail, where Dave liked the fact they were roomy. The upper is made up of breathable material which works very well to dissipate heat quickly and effectively. They also carry the benefit of not retaining water in wet weather, and cleverly ensure it is lost almost as quickly as it is absorbed!

The Blade-Max Stable always felt fast and although they covered in excess of 150 miles during testing, did not lose comfort, cushioning and shape. This is particularly important for heavy-footed overpronators such as myself, who tend to apply more pressure to the inside of the shoe. Stability is provided by the reinforced post on the inside of the shoe, which ensures cushioning recoils back to its stable shape quickly with each stride and power transfer is continually good, especially for those who use their whole foot (from heel to toe) to connect with the ground.

Innovative features like this don’t stop there. The blade design of the sole allows good flexibility in the forefoot whilst allowing it to be durable lightweight. The only slight issue is that the blades can sometimes catch small stones between the grooves when running off-piste. The QT2 lacing system is a revelation and really should be adapted across the board. The laces are different widths right, forming a wave shape. This makes them very unlikely to slip and come undone. I never once worried about, let alone witnessed, the laces coming undone.

The shoes gripped well in all weathers and were used in the dry, the wet, the soaking wet and on ice. Whilst they are not made specifically for adverse weather, I would be confident enough to say they stand up as well as any other road shoe I have used in all weather conditions.

In Summary - The Blade-Max Stable is a very good and hard wearing running shoe that maintains its durability and performance for longer than many other road shoes. The innovative features make them unique enough to want to buy them out of curiosity, and their performance over shorter distances will ensure they continue to be bought once the novelty wears off. Whilst they should perhaps be offered at different widths, there is no doubting this shoe will do no harm to K-Swiss’ growing reputation in the densely populated world of performance running.’

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