Hi-Tec Luca Running Shoe

They Say - A minimalist running shoes featuring a reduced seam upper with welded support overlays for ultimate comfort. A ultra lightweight IMEVA midsole with rubber pod inserts deliver a low profile racing shoe feel for the recreational athlete.

We Say - These Hi Tec Luca running shoes are very light, versatile and great value (just £39.99). I’ve worn them in England and Greece for a variety of walks and runs on many different surfaces. The light material was all right for the dusty, trail-like surfaces that I encountered in Athens where there were a lot of pebbles or roots one can trip over. It allowed me to be agile and quickly turn when needed. Having said that, I did feel that these shoes weren’t really right for trail running because they’re a bit soft on the top and bottom, but that’s no surprise as just the feel of them tells you that they’re for gentler environments, such as the gym when you’re running on a treadmill, or a flat path.

Regarding blisters, well, I never got any at all during the two months that I wore them, and I did wear them straight out the box, so I was impressed with that.

In England, where we were travelling for 6 weeks, I wore them once for running in a gym, where they were great, a few times for running on pavements in fine weather, where they were equally good, for general sightseeing and to cheer Dave on at races like Endure 24 and the Coniston marathon where the ground was a mix between grass and gravel/pebbles or just tarmac.

My feet didn’t get overheated and it was a snap putting them on and taking them off once I had the laces pre-tied to save some time.

I also wore them a lot in the Lake District when we were camped there for two weeks. I didn’t bring any sandals all through my trip so I was often using these shoes as slippers for trips to and back from the showers because they dealt well with my wet feet and dried quickly as long I put them out in the sun.

I’d agree with the claim of a minimalist build. They’re also flexible; I had to scrunch them in my backpack a few times to save space and they sprung right back into shape when I took them out.

I plan on wearing these shoes as I learn to cycle in the parks around where I live in Toronto, Canada during the forthcoming autumn season. Their uppers don’t feel as though they can handle too much wet outdoor wear, as I say, they feel primarily as though they’re made for the gym or for fine weather runs on pavements, but the soles dealt well with slippery surfaces in England and Greece so I’m counting on them having a good grip while I pedal on the cycle. 

The only downside to the shoes, and it’s entirely a personal thing, is their colour. I often don’t like to wear pink and if I do I am picky with what shade of pink. This pair is a shade of pink I particularly dislike, and since I like to be fashionable whenever I can, so I am a bit embarrassed to wear them out often. I know, how shallow does this makes me… Apart from that though these running shoes are great and if they were a different colour, like black, I would probably wear them all the time, even just to go grocery shopping or other daily things.

Overall, these shoes are everything they boast to be – light, flexible, low-profile and perfect for running, walking or just to act as a comfortable pair of shoes when you’re tired of heels or fancy slippers. I’d say that they are an ideal, very cost effective gym/fair weather shoe. I just need to get over the colour now.

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