BLOC ‘Shadow’ Sunglasses

They Say - The ultra modern and lightweight Shadow is a vital part of any kit bag providing demanding athletes the ultimate in performance and protection. Moulded nose pads prevent slipping and improve comfort, control and performance. A comfortable lightweight flexible frame for high-speed pursuits. Perfect for skiing, cycling and shooting with maximum peripheral vision. 3 interchangeable lenses let you adapt to all sports and all weather conditions. The three lenses supplied are: Clear Cat 1, Citrus Cat 1(yellow) and VE5 Cat 3. Lenses provide 100% UV protection. Comes in an attractive display box.

We Say - I first put the yellow lens in on a sunny day and couldn’t work out what use they were, except for if you were a cyclist and wanted to keep the bugs out your eyes whilst looking cool. But then I wore them on a dull day, and their use became clear. They really do actually enhance light, so that a dull day becomes brighter. I was amazed, and converted! And yet, I still prefer the Stealth design. They both feel comfy, it’s just the Stealth are more so.

I wore these on a half marathon run with dark lenses, they never felt uncomfortable and I also noticed that they are a great help when I was running from bright open sky into shady forest. Usually you loose a few seconds at these points as your eyes adjust to the change in light levels, but not with these glasses, I could see perfectly well all the time. They also offer great coverage, I can’t see the harsh daylight around the side of the glasses if I look left or right.

Lens removal and fitting is as easy as with the Stealth. No problems.

The black frames look good, and the lens are also very robust. I’ve taken this glasses with me on many overseas runs this year, most noticeably trips to Paris for the 50km race, and marathons in Hungary, Canada and Greece, and they’ve served as my everyday glasses as well as race glasses. They look ok as day wear, and they’ve yet to be scratched, even though I do tend to throw them about a bit.

In Summary - These glasses only come second, in my opinion, to the Bloc Stealth glasses because the lens touch my cheek and it’s very slightly irritating. It doesn’t mark me, or cause any harm at all, it just tickles. Other than that, they’re great.

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