BLOC ‘Scorpion’ Sunglasses

They Say - A unique design inspired by originals like the Stoat and Stingray. This new design utilises harder edged sculpturing, for a streamlined look. The soft temples hug the contours of the head enhancing comfort and performance. BLOC sports frames utilise tough and compliant TR90 frames. The fit of the hand-finished frames are exceptional. Sports hinges for total strength, flexibility and longevity. Moulded nose pads to prevent slipping and improve comfort, fit and performance. Lenses provide 100% UV protection.

We Say - I wore these first for two weeks in extra bright Sri Lanka. I say extra bright, but there was also a constant change of contrast as I moved from, say, the shade of palms or a hotel lobby, or a tourist sight, out into the full sun, and the glasses I wore had to cope with letting me see in the dark places and sheltering me in the bright. These did that.

They’re sporty but also stylish. I love the Stealth and the Shadow glasses made by Bloc and I would never replace them with these Scorpion for racing in, but the Stealth and Shadow do look a bit odd as day wear, wheras these Scorpion look great.

In Summary – The Breeze Sports Sunglasses do the job, very well. They never threaten to fall off, they look good and they cope with great variations in light.

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