Therm A Rest Saros Sleeping Bag

Sarosâ„¢ 20F | -7C | Synthetic sleeping bag

They Say - New for 2013! The Saros sleeping bag is the perfect choice for backcountry trips that start with a shaky forecast. EraLoftâ„¢ synthetic insulation offers warmth and weather resistance that’s ideal for backpacking and mountaineering in wet weather and temperatures down to 20F (-7C). A direct connection to your mattress, created with SynergyLink Connectors, ensures you stay warm and comfortable all night long.

  • Sleep Securely: SynergyLink Connectors bring your sleeping bag and mattress together for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Sleep Warmer: Zoned Insulation puts fill where you need it most, for efficient warmth.
  • Move Freely: Our Efficient Comfort design gives you room to move where you need it, without creating too much space to heat efficiently.
  • All-Weather Warmth: Proprietary eraLoftâ„¢ synthetic insulation is light, compressible and performs in wet conditions.


  • Draft Tubes & Collar, Snag Free Zipper, Stash Pocket, Sculptured Hood, Trapezoidal Footbox, Storage & Stuff Sack

 We Say - The clever thing about this sleeping bag is the way it connects – and stays connected – to the sleeping mattress thanks to the two straps (or SynergyLink Connectors as Therm A Rest call them) attached to the back of the bag. The photos below show how the bag is attached to the already inflated Neo Air Mattress. It’s an easy five minute job to set it up. All you do is slip the straps over one end of the mattress and slide the bag down over the ridges until the bag covers the entire mattress.

Thanks to these straps, gone are the times when you slip off your mattress during the middle of the night. I’m not a wimp but waking up on the morning of a big hike with a sore hip or shoulder because you’ve slipped off your mat but not woken up so you’ve been resting on hard ground half the night is a hassle I could do without. And thankfully now I don’t have to deal with that scenario at all.

It’s worth noting though that if you use the bag without a mattress you’ll probably get very, very cold. My wife took possession of the Saros as soon as I got it, fitted it over her own Neo Air Mattress, and enjoyed sleeping in it for a week. She said it was a very comfy and warm bag. But then I got sent a portable Thermarest cradle to check out, so she took her bag off the mattress and laid it on the cradle instead, thinking that she’d have an even better nights sleep. This wasn’t to be. She woke up totally freezing at midnight. You see, the back of the bag, where it snuggles up to the air mattress, is very thin, it has no padding at all, so whilst it is fantastic when used in conjunction with a mattress, it lets in the cold when you use it with a cradle, or just straight onto the ground. Above is a snap of the Neo Air Mattress on the left and the cradle on the right.

So after my wife got another sleeping bag so she could keep using the cradle (it raised her off the ground so she was able to avoid the bugs, she said, which was a major plus point for her) I took charge of the Saros plus air mattress, and for the month that I used them together I never had any problems or causes for complaint. The bag suited me as well as it had done her (regardless of our different shapes and sizes – I’m 6 1, she’s 5 5). Even when we were camped on uneven, sloping ground that would usually have me rolling to the side, which was pretty frequent, the straps kept me on the mattress.

There’s a snag free zipper, although I did find it snagged now and again when I pulled it up quickly. When I stretched my legs out so the bag was taught and pulled the zipper up or down carefully, there was no snagging.

The stuff sack provided compresses the bag down to a handy size. It fitted in the bottom compartment of my 70 litre rucksack alongside my camp clothes easily.

In Summary - I’ve slept up to an altitude of about 800 metres in this bag – to a temperature low of around -1, and it’s coped easily with that, as it should do. You absolutely must use it with an inflatable mattress such as the Neo Air (without a mattress you’ll be uncomfortable and very cold). If used correctly though it’ll keep you fixed firmly to your mattress and enjoying a very comfy night.

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