Therm A Rest Neo Air All Season Mattress


They Say - Lightweight, durable and extremely warm, the NeoAir All Season mattress is the ultimate solution to year-round backcountry comfort. Patent-pending Triangular Core Matrix™ technology creates over 100 internal cells and Reflective Barriers trap warm air, resulting in an incredibly high R-value without the weight or bulk of conventional insulation. Durable fabrics and construction give the All Season mattress the strength to stand up to rugged conditions throughout the year. Pump sack and repair kit included.

  • Year-Round Warmth: Patent-pending technology traps warm air to provide a high degree of warmth.
  • Light and Compact: NeoAir technology allows the All Season mattress to be lighter and more packable than mattresses filled with conventional insulation.
  • Extra Comfort: Stable construction and 2.5-inch thickness offer greater comfort for a full night of sleep.
  • Lasting Performance: The All Season mattress can be inflated directly without the worry of exhaled moisture wetting insulation and decreasing performance.
  • Made in Ireland

I Say - This mattress was tested to the max last year for three months. I was camping, using this as my only bed, almost every night from end of May until September, 2012. And now 2013 has seen me spend another 2 months in the tent, this time with my wife. It’s a brilliant mattress, in our opinion, simple as that. Here’s why.

First up, the Neo Air can be packed down very small. The times are gone when you have to strap a huge foam yoga-style mat to the outside of your pack, this mattress roles up so small it fits nicely in the pack beside my sleeping bag, leaving that bit more space to fit clothes/tent/cooking kit in. The sack that the mattress comes in can also be used like a pump to inflate the mat, although I’ve never done this, preferring to use my breath (it takes about 15 to 20 breaths to fully inflate the mat).

So, 15 or 20 breaths of air and it’s ready to use. And it stays that way. I generally only have to re-inflate after a week’s solid use.

Comfort; I always sleep well with this mattress. In the old days, when I slept on another mattress, I would usually wake up after a night in the tent with a stiff back, but not any more. It’s long enough to take my whole body – I’m 6 foot 1 tall – and wide enough, just. I mean, when I’m lying on my back my arms have to rest on the ground either side of the mat, but that’s ok by me, I was comfy enough.

I’ve slept out under a bivvy in the depth of winter using this mattress as my base and been warm enough, I just laid on my side and then all my body was off the ground.

The coldest temperature I used it in was minus 15 degrees. I was in my tent and a sleeping bag that is good to minus 5, and I was able to stay warm enough that night. What I mean is, I was able to stay in the bag and tent and catch a few minutes of sleep here and there, whilst my friend had to sit by the campfire all night shivering as to stay in his bag might well have proved fatal. The mat had a lot to do with that, insulating me from the freezing cold ground, even though my sleeping bag was out of its depth temperature wise.

The Neo Air has been as good this year as when I first got it, so I can say with confidence that it’s robust enough and has lasted well. I often pulled it out of the tent and used it as a mat to lay on around camp, so it came into contact regularly with rough ground yet, fingers crossed, there have been no punctures to date (in all those 160-odd days of use).

It’s a real bonus that Therm A Rest have developed a way of preventing the moisture you breathe into the mattress as you inflate it from rotting it from the inside out. My last mattress had to be thrown as it suffered from mould; with the Neo Air this doesn’t look like it’s going to be an issue.

In Summary - This Therm A Rest Neo Air All Season Mattress has allowed me to stay warm and comfy over 160 days of sleeping outdoors these past 2 years. It’s robust, comfy, lightweight and easy to inflate, all in all it’s a perfect air mattress. We say…if you haven’t already got one and you need a camping mattress, get yourself a Neo Air now.

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