Therm A Rest LuxuryLite® UltraLite Cot™


They Say - The UltraLite Cot™ is lighter and packs smaller than any cot on the market. At only 2lbs. 12 oz., this cot will open up new opportunities for comfortable nights in the outdoors. Whether you’re out fishing for the weekend or riding a dual sport across the continent, the UltraLite Cot™ offers the comfort you need at a weight and packed size that’s impossible to beat. BowFrame™ Technology: Our patented technology eliminates the painful crossbars, squeaky joints and broken hardware found in other cots. Ultra Lightweight: The lightest cot on the market – so light even backpackers carry it. Super Packable: Compact design fits easily in a pannier, portage bag or backpack. Durable Construction: Laminated nylon cover is waterproof and stretch-free; anodized aluminum poles and durable nylon feet stand up to heavy use. Three-Minute Set Up: Assembles quickly and easily – no tools required. Made in USA

I Say - The first usage this cot got was with our 4 year old nephew whilst we stayed in a cottage for a week. He needed to sleep in his parents double room and since there was only a double bed for the 3 of them this cot provided the solution. He loved it, and it was actually no problem getting him to go to bed every night (which it usually is) as he really enjoyed using it.

Then it was my turn to use it, for two weeks straight while we were camped out in the Lake District in England.

It is very simple to erect. Instructions come included on a piece of paper, which I appreciated (I don’t like it when I have to go online to search out instructions) and they were straight-forward to follow. You just insert the poles either side, then make up the cross-poles and, whilst standing on the outside poles to stretch them apart, you hook the cross poles under them so as to create the tension. That actually sounds more complicated than it was, as it was very easy and quick to do indeed. You can see a ‘how to set up’ video on the website here -

The cot comes in a stuff sack that’s very compact.

It’s super light so it was easy to decide to bring it on our trip as it added hardly any extra weight to my backpack. Most importantly though it was very comfortable to sleep on inside the tent. I wanted a raised surface to sleep on because 9 times out of 10 our tent is pitched on a bit of a slope and I always slide down from the centre of the tent during the night. I also wanted to have a little distance from all the little critters that scuttled around in the tent at night. Dave suggested the cot, and once I had the sleeping bag on it it was very comfortable and fun to sleep on. It didn’t slide away on the slope at any time during the 2 weeks so the grip on metal stands was fair enough. The cot was also long and wide enough for me to sleep nicely on (I’m 5 ft 5″). Dave also had a go on it and it fitted him as well, and he’s 6ft 1″. My arms did hang of the sides of the cot but I didn’t mind that.

One thing I didn’t like about the cot is where the metal bits connect to the sides of the cot. If I banged my knee on it or sat on it by accident, it really hurt or was very uncomfortable. The sides of the cot weren’t padded or anything so basically it’s just metal covered by a strong but thin layer of material. I guess this is a small price to pay though as lack of padding means it’s very lightweight.

The cot was waterproof and durable throughout my use of it. It didn’t really get exposed to rain but if I did spill water or any liquid on it, I could just wipe it off with a cloth and it’d be good as new. It was durable too – I’m not saying I jumped on the cot repeatedly, but I wasn’t very gentle with it either and sometimes I had a slight worry that it might tear through or I might poke a hole in it. But nothing of the sort happened and it felt very strong under both mine and Dave’s weight.

Summary - Lightweight, durable and easy to set up, the cot suited me really well during my stay in the Lake District. I felt a bit privileged, like I was sleeping in much luxury even though I was in a tent. With the addition of a good sleeping bag, it makes for very a comfortable and warm night.

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