Sealskinz Thick, Mid and Thin Mid Length Waterproof Socks

We’ve been using Sealskinz product for the past year, as part of our ‘Gear for a Year’ Challenge and had become fans of the brand. But would their new range of Mid Length Socks carry on the high standards we’d become used to? Here’s what we reckon…

First we’ll list the 3 different styles of socks, and what Sealskinz has to say about them;

Thin Mid Length Sock


Thin, lightweight, totally waterproof, longer socks which offer even more protection against wet weather higher up the leg. Ideal for walking and sailing in spring and autumn conditions.

Mid Weight Mid Length Sock


Totally waterproof with a heavier gauge knit and longer sock length. Poodle padding for extra comfort. Ideal for use in cold, wet weather conditions.

Thick Mid Length Sock


Our thickest and warmest socks with a heavy gauge inner knit of loop pile Merino wool. Poodle padding on the toe, sole and Achilles panel for extra comfort. Great all-round socks for very cold, wet weather conditions.

All socks have;

• Anatomically designed mid-calf length fit

• Close fitting knitted construction

• Fine Merino wool lining for warmth and moisture control

• Elasticated instep and Achilles ankle panel provide support and ensure a close, comfortable fit

We Say - I took the socks outside, the grass was still frosty, the temperature about 5 degrees. I put on the thick pair and walked on the frost without any shoes. The object was to see how long it took until my feet got cold, and if I got wet. Well, it was about 8 minutes until I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. That doesn’t tell you much though, as we each have our own pain/cold levels. As I removed them I felt my feet, they were not wet.

Next up were the medium socks, they immediately felt a lot more comfy, to me, they seemed to fit me much better even though they were still a large size, same as the thick socks were. I walked on the frost, these mid socks seemed to be about the same insulation level as the thick socks. The pack says they are a level 3 insulation, and the thick are a 4, they felt very similar to me but I guess it’s hard to tell over such a short period of time. I kept them on for about 8 minutes again, walking around, and again, my feet stayed dry.

Finally I put on the thin socks, they didn’t feel quite as comfy as the medium socks, and I didn’t last as long with them walking around the garden before I started to feel cold. About 4 minutes I guess. But my feet were probably already a little cold by now because of the previous 2 tests. I reckoned the thin socks would work well as trail running socks; I thought I’d check them out the next day.

Next, I went on testing them indoors. This test consisted of me getting a bowl of water and putting my feet in them whilst wearing the different products. Each pair of socks got a 5 minute dunking, and each time I pulled them out and took the socks off I found that my feet were dry.

I wrung the socks out by hand and put them on the windowsill, above but not touching the radiator. They dried overnight and were ok to carry on testing the next day.

Next test was to wear the thin socks on a 10km run. They’re not really advertised as being for this activity, but why not give it a go, I thought. They coped well, no blisters or chaffing occured, and when I took them off afterwards the soles of my feet were dry. Not sweaty at all. My ankles were a little damp, but that was probably where I had the socks pulled up and my running tights down over them. So, a good performance, I thought, proving their moisture wicking properties.

The mid and thick socks got a different final test, wearing them out on a cold-ish day (the thermometre read minus one) and then on a wet one. I found they coped the same as the other Sealskinz socks had done that I tested throughout 2012. That is, they’re definately waterproof to a certain degree (up to about 3 hours in constant rain, I’ve found) and they’re warm all the time you’re walking in them. Not the sort of socks you wear about the house, my feet tended to get cold when I was sat around doing nothing, but whilst on the move, they’re great. No blisters, which the moisture wicking property helps with, and they’re very comfy.

Summary - Because we’ve been using Sealskinz product for the past year, as part of our ‘Gear for a Year’ Challenge, we already know it lasts well when used for a long period of time. These new socks are definately waterproof, have good moisture wicking properties and are comfy, with the Mid Weight being my favourite fit. I’ll be using the thin socks if I’ve got a trail run on a rainy day, they’re plenty comfy enough for that. Overall these are solid, hardwearing socks that won’t let you down on a wet, cold day.

To find out more about Sealskinz and to see their full range of clothing please check their website out

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