Night Glow Zipper Pulls by MSR

They Say - New for 2013: Easy to find in the dark, these glowing zipper pulls are a convenient, lightweight upgrade to your tent’s metal zipper pulls. The plastic pull glows for a full 8 hours and recharges in ambient light, and it’s easy to grip without removing gloves or mittens. Includes 4 zipper pulls.

See them online at 

We Say - Why not use these, if you have the opportunity. The zipper pulls on the Robens tent that I used them with were easy to see in the dark anyhow, but these just made it easier. Perhaps MSR might also start to make glow in the dark guide ropes, to help stop the drunks falling over my tent at festivals and weekend long running events! If your tent zipper pulls aren’t easy to see at night, then these additions from MSR are a good idea.

To find out more about these attachments, and MSR, please check the website out -

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