Jack Wolfskin Tempest Jacket for Men


They Say - The Tempest Jacket from Jack Wolfskin is a very light windproof hiking jacket with compact pack size. Whether you are out in a light breeze or a storm, the Tempest Jacket is a lightweight hiking jacket designed to keep the wind out. Its windproof, extremely breathable Stormlock Active ripstop fabric has a matrix ofripstop reinforcement threads, making it sufficiently tear resistant. Weighing just 305g and with a compact pack size, it’s the ideal lightweight wind shell to have in your pack on hiking or cycling trips.

Product Features

  • Weight: 305g (size L)
  • Fabric: Stormlock Active ripstop (100% polyester)
  • Chest pocket
  • Light hood in collar
  • Two hip pockets

We Say - I haven’t had much cause to use this jacket during the summer – for once we had a nice stretch of weather here in England, and it was baking hot most days in Canada – but the times I have had to use it, it hasn’t let me down.

Times like when I went on a 3 day canoeing and camping trip last month.  The winds out there regularly get up to 30mph, that’s on a reasonably normal day. The temperatures were mild, about 15 degrees, but when you’re out in the canoe in the wind it can feel much colder. I wore this with a bodywarmer under it and it kept me very comfortable indeed.

estuary sony 121

It’s cut well, so it gives your arms space to move about. Essential when you’re paddling, equally important if you’re scrambling up a hill, or just struggling to put your rucksack on!

The jacket washes up well. It got pretty filthy on the canoe trip, the estuary is known for it’s black mud that gets everywhere and it didn’t disappoint us. But the stink of the mud and the remains of it were easily washed away by throwing it in the machine with all my other kit, on a low 30 degree cycle.

The chest pocket is really valuable. I wore this jacket last weekend on a trip to Ireland and it’s so handy to have a secure place to store your passport and tickets whilst you’re going through the business of customs at one end, then the flight itself, and then arrival and customs at the other end. Usually I store my valuables in a money belt that sits under my trousers but that’s a bit of hassle on short journeys to relatively safe destinations, undoing your trousers every time you put stuff away. So, full marks for the secure chest pocket feature.

Back to the canoeing trip. We were exploring a lot of the islands out on the estuary, a few of which are full of brambles. The jacket didn’t snare on any thorns as I pushed past them, not during the whole time we were there, and it had plenty of chance to as most of the pathways aren’t wide enough for easy passage. It got caught on thorns, sure, but even though I pulled myself away from them and wasn’t too careful in doing so, the jacket isn’t marked as a result of it.

The hip pockets are deep and just as secure. Large enough to hold a small map too, which is handy.

In Summary - This jacket is multipurpose, and that’s great news. It is hard wearing, totally windproof and roomy enough to copy with all the activites I’ve thrown at it. As well as the canoeing I did wear it to the UK Go Ape activity centres where you land at speed from the zip wires into a bed of wood chippings. It’s coped well with all this, looking and performing as well now as it did when I got it. I happily wear it in the town as a general everyday jacket as it looks pretty nice. I haven’t tried it out in any severe rain storms – we haven’t had any thankfully in these past few months, but it’s held off the wet when I’ve been out for half hour or so in medium wet weather.

It’s fair to say that having used the jacket for the past 3 months I now totally trust Jack Wolfskin as a brand. The kit does what is promises, looks good, feels comfy and is very hardwearing. It looks as good now as when I got it, all this activity hasn’t caused any deterioration at all, so if you do get yourself anything by Jack Wolfskin, I think you can safely expect it to stand up to prolonged, heavy usage. I’m happy to recommend these products, go ahead and buy with confidence.

If you’d like to discover more about Jack Wolfskin, please check out their website  http://www.jack-wolfskin.com

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