Hi Tec Sierra Mid Shoes

They Say – The Sierra Mid is the perfect multi-sport shoe. With a premium soft (but durable!) full grain leather upper to provide long term comfort during wear this shoe is ready for whatever takes your fancy. You’ll have single and double eyelet lacing combinations, as well as moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry. The ortholite sockliner will deliver long-lasting cushioning, plus anti-odour and anti-microbial properties. The vibram rubber outsole provides extra flexibility, whether you’re shooting hoops or just hitting the pavement.

*Premium, soft but durable full grain leather upper provides long term comfort during wear

*Single and double eyelet lacing combination

*Moisture-wicking lining keeps the foot dry

*Ortholite sockliner delivers long lasting cushioning

*Vibram rubber outsole

We Say - I’ve just been wearing these Sierra Mid most recently during a 2 month tour of the Lake District, and before that for a month just around town and at home. All in all, I’ve been really pleased with performance, durability, comfort and look of them. They give me a shoe that can do several things. First, they’re very comfortable, offering protection to the ankles and good cushioning for the sole. Sometimes when I wear shoes all day on the trail I end up with my soles feeling like they’re bruised; not with these though. Second, they’re stylish, so I can wear them in town without looking like I’ve just come down out the mountains (this is no small thing; it’s nice to be able to only take one pair of shoes with you on a backpacking tour, cuts down on what you have to carry). Previous travel shoes I’ve had have either been for town, or country, but not really both. It’s rare to find a decently made, lightweight shoe that can handle, and look presentable in, all environments. With these though, on top of lookng nice they’re robustly made, so I can actually wear them in the lower mountains if I want and still feel protected.

Ok, they’re not dedicated mountain boots, so you can’t plan on doing any really hardcore, multi day hiking in them, not on a regular basis anyway. By this I mean across very rocky, uneven or waterlogged terrain. I did use them on a rocky hillside one day, and after a couple of hours I began to feel very uncomfortable underfoot, and although the ankle support is good, it’s not good enough to handle the twists and dips you’ll find on more difficult paths. The Vibram soles are strong, as you’d expect from the brand, but overall the shoe is made more for woodland, street and fell, rather than above treeline terrain I’d say.

The only fault I’ve had in them is that one of the mesh eyelets, that I think is meant to help with breathability, fell off after only a few days of wear. The others have stayed in place though.

Apart from that, they seem to have fared well.(update; a year on, the shoes are still serving me well).

Hi Tec claim that they wick away moisture and have anti odour capabilities. I’d agree with this, I never have any issues with smelly or sweaty feet. I also appreciate the lacing system. I’m lazy, I like to kick my shoes off without too much fuss, and put them on the same way. With these shoes you can. I just give one sharp tug to the laces and they open far enough so that they’re loose enough to pull off with no effort.

I only tried them for a single day on a bike, but here they performed ok too. The grip is good, and locks into peddles well.

I like them most as a general travel shoe; this is where I think they perform best. In the Lake District I was living out of my car, and campsites, for 2 months. Often the day would be randomly split between woodland hikes, walking around a village site, picking up some shopping at a supermarket and going to the pub in the evening to watch the football on TV. It was often difficult to plan the hikes, there are so many beautiful places to hike in Cumbria that after the main mountains and lakes had be seen, which took me about 2 weeks, I settled into a routine of just stopping by the roadside wherever looked good and taking off on foot for a few hours. The boots coped well with all the lakeshores, lower fells and forests I encountered. I haven’t been on any long overseas trips with them yet, but I can imagine that this is really where they would excel for me. I could really have done with them in India when I went there for 3 months last year. They would have coped well with the long days of trudging around large tourist sites, the Thar desert and also the sub 4000 metres Himalaya, where the paths were all dirt but reasonably uncluttered by rocks.

In Summary - I love these boots. The only reason I’m not giving them a 10 out of 10 is that I would have preferred the white banding around the bottom to have been the same colour as the leather upper. But that’s just me. For somebody who likes more of a street look, the banding is no doubt perfect. I’m off on a month long trip in October of this year taking in Hungary, Canada and Greece. There’ll be general tourism involved, and plenty of outdoors activities. These are the shoes that I’ll be taking with me, I’m confident they’ll handle anything that comes their way in all of these very varied destinations. (Update; I’ve had them a whole year and a half now and they are still going strong).

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