Hi Tec Sierra Lace Shoes

They Say - A great example of outdoor and urban versatility, the Sierra Lace multi-sport shoe sport premium soft but durable full grain leather and an upper that provides long-term comfort during wear. You’ll have the choice of using single or double eyelet lacing combinations-whatever works for you. The moisture-wicking lining will keep your foot dry and you can expect long-lasting cushioning from the Ortholite sockliner. A Vibram rubber outsole gives you maximum flexibility. You’ll be ready for anything!

*Premium, soft but durable full grain leather upper provides long term comfort during wear

*Single and double eyelet lacing combination

*Moisture-wicking lining keeps the foot dry

*Ortholite sockliner delivers long lasting cushioning

*Vibram rubber outsole

We Say - So these shoes are very similar to the Sierra Mid, except for colour and the fact that they don’t cover the ankle. Since I have both pairs of shoes, I can afford to wear these ones as ‘best’. They look really great, they polish up really well, and they feel every bit as comfy as the Sierra Mid, and I’m sure I could use them for all the off road walking that I use the others for if I wanted. If I was using them as extensively as I used the ‘mid’ though, I wouldn’t have them in this tan colour, as it can scuff and mark fairly easy. That’s no issue if you’re wearing them as I do though, as ‘best’ to pubs or anywhere where I want to look presentable.

They helped me out a lot recently when I went to a party and then missed the last bus and had no taxi money. The 8 mile walk home might have been uncomfotable in regular shoes, but with these, no problem. They look smart enough, too, so the doorman at places I’ve been don’t take them for trainers and create a fuss about me being too casual.

I’ve had no faults to report at all with these shoes. They need regular cleaning, as I’ve said, the light coloured upper does mark quite easily, but then again, they clean up easily too, so it’s not really an issue. No more so than with any other shoes of this colour, anyway. I also didn’t store them so great when I was travelling in the car for 2 months (the car was packed so I stuffed them into the front footwell, along with a few pairs of trainers and boxes). So the front of one of them has an impression on it now, as you can see below. I’m sure I can remove this by storing them properly though, the leather is soft enough to work back into shape. So, if you get these shoes, do make sure to treat them nice. You can see that the right shoe, that I stored ok, is perfect, just the left one that was pressed up again something thats got the impression.

Hi Tec claim that they wick away moisture and have anti odour capabilities. I’d agree with this, I never have any issues with smell or sweaty feet. Their lacing systems is as easy to use at the Sierra Mid too. In fact, the only realy difference between these 2 pairs of shoes is the look. What do you prefer, the high ankle support of the Sierra Mid, or the regular shoe cut of the Sierra Lace? I like them both, I’ve got them both, and between them they cover most of my general footwear needs at the moment.

In Summary - I love these shoes as much as the Sierra Mid boots. Once again, the only reason I’m not giving them a 10 out of 10 is that I would have preferred the white banding around the bottom to have been the same colour as the leather upper. Brilliant shoes, very comfy, and you’ve got the security of knowing that since they’re a Vibram sole, they’re going to last a long time. Plus, since they can double up as ‘Best’ or anywhere, anytime, any terrain day-wear, I’d say they were exceptionally great value for money.

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