Columbia Omni Heat Base Layers

Base Layer for Men

They Say - ‘The bodymapped design of the Men’s Base Layer Midweight Long Sleeve Top from Columbia Sportswear keeps you warm and dry in all the right spots by placing Omni-Heat® reflective dots in zones that need warmth most, and Omni-Wickâ„¢ in high-perspiration zones for maximum moisture transmission. Antimicrobial treatment keeps the fabric feeling (and smelling) fresh during high-exertion activities. Highly stretchable, with flat-lock stitching to avoid chafing and raglan sleeves for extended range of motion, this midweight top sets you up for success. What’s next to your skin sets the stage for your comfort: don’t mess around. Developed with top physiologists, Columbia’s new base layer series offers maximum warmth, minimum weight, and zoned performance for optimal comfort.

Specifications; Fabric: 86% polyester/14% elastane. Omni-Heat thermal reflective. Omni-Wick advanced evaporation. Form fit. Antimicrobial. 4-way comfort stretch. Ergonomic seaming.’

We Say - ‘I thought that this top would act as a sort of thermal at first, so I first put it on last month when the temperature turned cold and I was sat at my desk shivering. It didn’t help. So I got up and took the dog for a walk, and noticed that I was rapidly heating up after a few minutes. Back at the desk an hour later I could sit there in just this top and feel warm for the next few hours. I guess what this means is that the top needs you to generate heat first of all before it can start to warm you. Makes sense. And when you use it like that, it works great.

I’ve since used it for my 10km trail running loops, either on it’s own or worn under a light coat on really cold days. It feels comfy and considering it’s generating all this warmth is amazing that it doesn’t weigh any more than my usual long sleeved running tops. I also find that unlike other tops, when I get in after a run, I don’t start to get cold straight away as the sweat dries. This is important; if I’m on making dinner duty, or have any other jobs to do, and can’t spare the time right then for a shower, then it’s handy to be comfortable and warm as I cool down and get on with other stuff.

Another plus point that I’ve found is that whatever the activity (running, hiking or canoeing are the ones I’ve been testing this out on) the top doesn’t stop me moving as I need to, and doesn’t chaff either.

The midweight layer is a decent choice if you need a top for many occasions. It looks good too, even after 3 months of washing it 2 or 3 times a week.

Summary – ‘This midweight base layer is a decent choice if you need a top for many occasions. It looks good too, even after 3 months of washing it 2 or 3 times a week it hasn’t faded or lost it’s shape. Thoroughly recommended.

Base Layer for Women

We Say - ‘I have worn this top for the winter season on both road and trail running. I have found it works best next to the skin, with a long-sleeved top and then running jacket if it’s really cold. It keeps your core warm and is a real comfort when you are thinking about setting out. Sometimes I fear the cold more than the run itself! Anyway, this top has kept its shape, colour and the Omni-Heat thermal reflective feature remains undiminished despite being regularly laundered.

It fits nicely across the bust and is long enough to tuck-in should you want to. I was a bit dubious about a short-sleeved shirt for autumn-winter, but as a base-layer it’s great and actually it keeps you so warm, I prefer to have the option to have bare arms if I want. It has been especially useful in the changeable weather we have had this winter.

I love the powdery blue colour and the neck is not too high, which I like. I had got so used to wearing it, I packed it once in error for a gym work out- and certainly knew that I had it on. I had worked up quite a sweat on the treadmill, but this top stayed looking good ‘til I finished my work-out, collapsing in the sauna – remembering to take it off first.

Columbia’s Ethical Policy - We asked Colombia about their ethics. Where is their product made, how did they ensure good practice in the workplace and in sourcing materials, that sort of thing. Here’s their statement;

“At Columbia Sportswear, we are committed to building a company of which we can all be proud – not only of the innovative products we create and the financial results we achieve, but the manner in which we achieve them. Whether it’s responsible sourcing, giving back to our communities, or reducing our environmental impact, we believe corporate responsibility is a companywide effort. We want you to be proud to wear our products, and use our accessories and equipment anytime you step into the Greater Outdoors. Stakeholder input is invaluable to the continuous improvement of our corporate responsibility programs.”

—Tim Boyle, President, CEO, and Director

This past December, Columbia Sportswear was featured globally on CNBC in a short film about HERproject produced by Responsible Business Television (RBTV). The film (viewed here:,default,pg.html) highlights the need for health education for female factory workers in developing countries and illustrates how HERproject addresses these needs by providing workplace programs that link women’s health to business value. The film was included in a broadcast of several short RBTV films on CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe and CNBC USA.

Several Columbia Sportswear factories have participated in HERproject over the last two years and thousands of workers have received health education through this program. HERproject has seen impressive results overall, including a 60% increase in the number of prenatal medical visits among workers as well as a 41% increase in knowledge of STD symptoms.

One of the Columbia Sportswear participating factories has seen concrete business impacts in regards to employee recruitment as a result of HERproject, “We have women coming to us looking for work, so we don’t need to go in search of female workers anymore. We are seeing the business benefits of this program with our own eyes,” said Factory Management from one of our participating factories.

For more information on HERproject, visit

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