Gore Bike Wear Xenon Sonic Bib Shorts

XENON SONIC Bibtights short+

They Say – Bibtights made for those who never stop exercising. The seat insert is so innovative that you won’t even feel it. Top freedom of movement and visibility.

COMPRESSION – Improved performance through compression

Compression fabrics improve the fit of the garment without limiting freedom of movement. The fabrics exert pinpointed pressure on certain parts of the body, thus accelerating blood circulation. When the body is subjected to physical exertion, faster blood circulation increases oxygen supply. This translates into improved performance during cardiovascular exercise and shorter recovery times for muscles.

XENON SONIC seat insert – a seat insert that meets the high performance demands of top cyclists

A bike marathon or a 100-mile tour is a physical challenge to say the least. As well as having light and versatile equipment to protect the body from overheating or chilling, it is equally important to sit comfortably. In the normal seated position, the entire weight of the body falls on the ischium. The sportier the seated position on the bike, the more weight is shifted to the perineal area and the groin. To protect the large number of nerves that run through these areas and to prevent injuries and discomfort, pressure needs to be evenly distributed via an anatomically shaped seat.

The XENON SONIC seat insert is so thin it can scarcely be felt and yet if offers maximum saddle comfort due to state-of-the-art gel foam positioned at critical pressure points in varying degrees of density and thickness. For example, in the sciatic area the foam is extremely dense and perforated to allow maximum breathability and moisture transportation. This area also needs special cushioning, which is provided by the new gel-foam inserts with their open cell structure and 35 million microcells per cubic metre. The new structure and materials in the XENON SONIC Insert not only ensure rapid moisture transportation and superb heat distribution but also reduce friction and provide total freedom of movement, while the special 3D ergonomic cut fits the male anatomy perfectly.

Highly functional material mix. 3-compartment back pocket, slightly tapered on side for easy access. Zip pocket on back. Long back. 3/4-length concealed front zip. Ergonomically shaped collar. Partial mesh inserts for better ventilation. Partially elastic gripper on hem. Reflective print on sleeves. Reflective print on sides. Reflective logo on front and back.’

We Say – When the bib shorts arrived, the packaging was actually a useful wash bag. First impressions were they looked very functional and technical apart from the leg hem looking a bit like boxer shorts. On trying them on one immediately felt the tight compression zone around the legs. A strange feeling, a bit like the legs were a couple of sizes smaller than the rest of the garment. I was not sure what this ‘white compression’ zone did apart from flatten out the love handles. The cut was quite low at the front with mesh venting that matches the xenon jersey; this resulted in very little perspiration on the lower stomach. It also had reflective logo and go-faster stripes on the side legs.

The inside leg has an anti-abrasive fabric with what appears to be very good seam stitching on the inside leg. These did get worn after a few test rides but the saddle may have been the cause as it happened testing a few other makes of bib shorts.

The seat insert was very well designed, so well in fact, that it was not noticeable from the front. It had really excellent comfortable padding for the hipbone. It is really a pad in two halves of varying thickness. After quite a few test rides I would say this is the best seat insert I have tried so far, I did feel as though I could ride all day.

The compression fabric felt tight at first but did not bother me at all once in the saddle riding. I don’t ride competitively so didn’t feel any real change in my performance.’

In Summary – A technically well thought out bib short with a fantastic seat insert and innovative front venting. I was not mad about the boxer short styling, also I felt the compression fabric was unnecessary purely as it made no difference to my non-competitive riding.

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